Stuck In A Rut At Work? Here's How To Avoid Burning Out

Stuck In A Rut At Work? Here's How To Avoid Burning Out
Some suggestions to help you deal with this problem are:

• Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly – not just to lose weight but to be fit, mentally and emotionally

• Sleep Well – No one can undermine the importance of a good night’s sleep

• Meditate – Daily!

• Switch off your phones - Especially at night!

• Don’t “multitask” all the time – You can’t possibly do everything all at once. Prioritise your goals and work towards achieving them in a systematic manner.

• Manage your level of expectations – Learn to do this and you will manage your disappointments

• Manage stress – Relax. Not everything is a “Do or Die” situation

• It’s OK to fail – We all do!

• Re-evaluate priorities – Not everything must be done now

• Stop competing with everyone else – You will never win all the races

• Learn to slow down – life is not all about being “in” the rat race

• Leave work at the office – your family needs you too.

• Laugh Daily – A good laugh releases tensions both emotional and mental

• Nourish your creativity – Start a new project and let it not be about work. Pick up an adult colouring book and get on your way.

• Go on a vacation – Pack your bags, book a flight, and simply switch off from everything around you

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