4 Summer Makeup Essentials

4 Summer Makeup Essentials
Since summers are here, we are avoiding to step out with heavy makeup in this scorching heat! From full coverage foundation, to smokey eyes, we’re about to replace all your makeup products with only four makeup essentials you need this summer to achieve a glowing and natural no makeup look.


Step 1: Apply a BB cream matching your skin tone. BB creams are moisturisers that usually have sunscreen in them. They lighten visible marks and even out skin tone. You can make your own BB cream by mixing a drop of foundation with your daily moisturizer.



Step 2: Apply a small amount of lip and cheek stain instead of lipsticks and blushes. Lip and cheek stains are a multipurpose product that usually come in soft pink or red colours that give a natural colour to the cheeks and lips. They bring about a fresh look and can be carried around everywhere for an instant touch up.


Step 3: Apply a single coat of a flat comb waterproof mascara. I personally believe that mascaras are like magic wands! They instantly step up your makeup game. A waterproof mascara will bear all the sweating and humidity also giving you the desired look by brightening your eyes.


Step 4: To unlock the perfect glowing skin, highlighters are a must! Take half a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and mix it with your favourite highlighter. Apply a small amount to the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.


A soft, natural and glowing look achieved using summer-friendly products!

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