Sahar Razi: The most Sought After Brow Artist in Lahore

Sahar Razi: The most Sought After Brow Artist in Lahore

I have always been interested in the faces, even as a child I would always observe faces and I was forever fascinated with how every face is different and how infinite these variations are that God has created. To this day my friends are amazed at how I don’t forget faces and particularly individual features of faces. 

Starting Get Lashed is just a natural extension in my educational background in fine arts and interest in the human face. Get Lashed is not a “One Brow fits all solution”, for every client I consider what would enhance their natural features the most and work from there. 

Although I started as the first person to offer eyelash extensions in Lahore in 2016, I have since moved on to microblading, which is my most sought after service, we now offer Ombre Brows, Combo Brows, Semi Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Brush. 

I specialize in brows and lashes, I have extended my services to Islamabad where I go every forth-night because I have a huge clientele there. We have recently collaborated with a top training company in UK and now provide a platform for ladies who want to pursue this as a career in Pakistan with a UK accredited certification. There is a huge potential for growth in this industry, but proper training is key and we are offering that at #getlashed_with _saharrazi

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