UC Browser Introduces An Ad With Mehwish Hayat As A Superhero

UC Browser Introduces An Ad With Mehwish Hayat As A Superhero
In a country like Pakistan, when an international brand is introduced, the local audience is in awe of the idea of having something from abroad. This also provides the brand with an opportunity to further impress their audience by using a local public figure, that is widely popular amongst the majority to endorse the product - call it a marketing gimmick or an excellent strategy, it is sure to work! 

A recent example of this is what the Alibaba Group's mobile business division application UCWeb has done. By displaying the super fast speed the browser has to offer and a powerful figure alongside, the ad is directed by the man behind Pakistani films Actor in Law and Na Maloom Afraad, Nabeel Qureshi,

Moreover, the ad perfectly shows how users in this day and age compromise on their user experience of enjoying a movie or a show or be it a video merely because their browsers are outdated. The ad portrays just that. The ad starts with an action-packed scene where Mehwish is seen as a completely new avatar - a superhero with a dangerous mission to accomplish. Keeping the audience engrossed, the suspense continues till the regular browser interrupts in online streaming and the video stops. This is where the UC browser strikes in.

The concept here is brilliant; selecting a female superhero character and tying her up in a Pakistani TV commercial as well as on the silver screen, is something that has never been done before. Additionally, by portraying Mehwish as a superhero character is reason enough to catch the audience's attention.

In this creative and unique way, two important features of UC Browser, fast video buffering and downloading are highlighted.

Take a look at the ad and judge for yourself: