Exciting Virtual Get-Togethers

Exciting Virtual Get-Togethers
Quarantine special! Life as we know it, has changed drastically. Just a month ago, we  looked forward to physically seeing our friends and family, now we look forward to hearing their voices through technological gadgets. It’s a downgrade,  for sure, but it’s better than not hearing or seeing them at all. Fortunately, we live in the time of the internet. And that changes everything. For one, we can still communicate and see each other – virtually. The good news is that communicating in this way can be even more fun. HELLO! has a few suggestions to pump up the enjoyment! 



Games that you can play with friends, long distance, are just the best! Ludo Star’s challenges are a hit! InSequence and Checkers are great too! Explore all the games available to you on platforms like the App Store and Facebook. Download the required apps, set up a time with your friends and have an absolutely frolicking time! 



There are a lot of classes, both paid and free, available online. Many people are taking up yoga and meditation classes with their friends. But if you feel up to it and have something to offer, why not teach something yourself via video conference? Not only will it keep you occupied, it will lift your spirits as you’ll get to see your friends while virtually trying new activities together. Such things can really be so much fun! You could even download the lessons or lectures you might enjoy watching or listening to with friends. From magic tricks or cooking lessons to learning about medicinal properties of indigenous plants and herbs, continue learning and sharing things that make life feel a bit more meaningful and positive. 



It’s one thing to watch a movie, and it’s another to watch it with friends. Why? We enjoy the company, everyone’s reactions to what’s happening on screen and even the commentary. So why not try having a movie party? Netflix has actually come up with an extension called Netflix Party that enables you to watch movies with friends and chat while you’re at it. 



Video call. Set up. Tools and ingredients. Ready. Friends. HELLO! While what happens in the kitchen can often result in messy work, it can be fun to try experiments with friends as long as you’ve set up your video call at a safe distance. Make sure you place your gadget in a dry, clean and slightly elevated area. Discuss tips and techniques while discovering something new. This is a fun way to learn or to do anything really, especially when you miss company! So why not try making a variety of delicious truffle balls, or perhaps assorted jam tarts? You could even decorate cupcakes and cookies with your friends.



Also known as an under-the-table highly important gossip session. Book clubs are a fantastic way to engage your analytical and literary skills through reading and discussion while also gossiping incessantly about characters and plot scenes. Let your imagine run wild! What should have happened? How? Question everything. Amuse yourself and your friends. Step into the life of a character and then back into yours again. This certainly keeps life interesting! Take alternate turns selecting a book for the reading time period and set up a meeting on video call so the deadline to finish the book is also established. 


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