Five Minute Makeup Routine for Your Next Online Meeting

Five Minute Makeup Routine for Your Next Online Meeting
Virtual meetings are part of everyone’s routine, now that people are working from home. Even if you’re dressed from the waist up, you may want to put on some makeup to look effortlessly beautiful and presentable.

Here’s a quick makeup routine to follow for your next online meeting, or even for a chat with friends.

Step 1

Wash your face with a cleanser, put on a layer of moisturiser and a primer to prep your skin for makeup -- an extremely important pre-makeup step. 

Step 2

Apply a layer of tinted moisturiser/light coverage foundation on your face or you could just skip this and only put on a concealer on areas where you feel you need the coverage (under your eyes to hide those dark circles). You can also use a little bit of concealer in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up a little bit. 

Step 3

Curl your lashes as it will instantly open your eyes and throw on some blush on your cheeks. The thing about Facetime and Zoom is that even though they are HD, you can look a bit washed out so make sure you put a little more blush than you normally would. Blush makes your face look fresh and awake. Don't forget to brush your brows up with a clean mascara wand. Finish the look with a soft pink lip tint. 

Pro Tip

Dab a bit of moisturiser at the end, on top of your foundation or tinted moisturiser  with your fingers to blend in everything perfectly. This will add a glow and make the application of your foundation look a lot more natural and skin-like.

Let us know if this routine was helpful and if you have any makeup tips to share in the comments below.

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