Queen Elizabeth II Unveils her Top 10 Favourite Songs on her 90th Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II Unveils her Top 10 Favourite Songs on her 90th Birthday
Dare we say, it is a matter of public agitation as to what Her Majesty has on repeat on her stereo? Phew, gratefully, we can finally now calm our thoughts.

It was at the Queen’s birthday that she revealed her top ten favourite pieces of music.

As we look at the list, it consists of an amalgamation of classical pieces, including Broadway musical performances, Howard Keel’s Oklahoma and religious hymns.

Nonetheless, the list arrays a range of genres from the titular musical which, undoubtedly scores the top spot. The list also included the genre contemporary, as it features the track Sing by Gary Barlow, which is also the common wealth anthem sung alongside Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, honouring Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012.

Looking at the list, it wasn’t surprising to see Prince Harry loves this track as much as his ever graceful grandmother, Elizabeth II

Earlier, Hady Anson revealed on Radio 2 ,

“ The Queen loves the theatre and musicals, like Showboat, Oklahoma, Annie get your gun

The full list includes:

  1. Oklahoma – Howard Heel

  2. Anything you can do / Annie get your gun – Dowes and Bill Johnson

  3. Sing – Gary barlow and commonwealth band, the military wives

  4. Cheek to cheek – Fred Astaire

  5. The white cliffs of Dover – vera lynn

  6. Leaning on a lampposal

  7. Phase my soul, the king of heaven – traditional hymn

  8. The lord is my Shepherd – traditional hymn

  9. Lester Lanin Medley

  10. Regimental March Milanollo