BOB'S - The Meanest New Burger in Town

BOB'S - The Meanest New Burger in Town

“Eateries come and go bruh, but you know I stay”, this is what I think Bob’s Pakistan would like to convey to the beef lovers because with the quality and taste like that, I hope they stay. Recently I got a good chance to visit Bob’s and try out some of the entries from their menu.

Here is my experience.

Their flagship store is in DHA Phase 2, Lahore. The place is small, but they’ve managed to utilize every corner of it for good. They have managed to decorate every space that could’ve gone redundant, be that the ceiling or walls. When you enter, you are welcomed by happy smiles from their staff and bright lights on the ceiling. Oh yes, the lights that are hanging from the ceiling – probably one of the best things that I liked abut their interior. They have a small sitting area right beneath these lights and you get a broad view of the road and its hustle from the window when you sit on these chairs. A nice touch.  The lighting is neither too bright nor too dark, easy on the eyes and adds to the experience. The main sitting area is on the first floor with 4, 5 tables and two eye catching, orange-colored sofas. The outdoor sitting area has two tables and sitting capacity of 8-10 people.  It is not the best ambience ever but with what they had, they have tried their best.

The staff is welcoming and cooperative. I remember I spent good 15 minutes deciding what to eat while constantly inquiring about the eateries in menu and asking if they had anything that they were proud of and wanted their most customers to try. All the time the order taker was carrying a smile on his face while he was guiding me. Gestures like these never go unnoticed.

I am arguably the biggest fries lover, so I went with fries, one serving with dynamite sauce and one with chipotle sauce. The quality of fries was nice, properly fried with slightly golden color. Add topping of your choice and voila. The dynamite sauce that they add to the fries is mild as compared to the one that the dynamite prawns or shrimps are usually served with. Though I liked the sauce, but it could’ve been better had the sauce been punchy in flavor. The chipotle sauce on the other hand had bursting flavors and went well with the crispy fries. Though I am a fan of dynamite sauce, but I prefer their chipotle sauce on fries.

When you are all appetized up, comes their beef goodness, after all, Bob’s is pretty famous for its beef burgers. Now beef entries in any restaurant’s menu take good efforts to develop and master. I personally believe that the chicken sandwich and burgers are way easier to master than the beef ones as most of us have already developed a thing for chicken and its intrinsic taste not to mention you can always add a ton of sauces to make it taste better. The only justice an eatery can do to its entries is to season the meat so good that the only job of the sauce is to add a bit of juiciness not to overwhelm all the intrinsic taste of the meat and the other ingredients.

When you are all appetized up, comes their beef goodness, after all, Bob’s is pretty famous for its beef burgers. Among their beef entries, their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich was really good and well balanced. It had cut beef steak (medium well) chunks and the cut chunks were mixed well with the cheese. When you take a bite and let the ingredient dance between your jaws, the meat does romance with the cheese and makes you forget your worries for a while. The perfect fusion of the flavorous ingredients and soft sandwich bun, all that makes for a beef experience that’ll keep you delighted for a while. Am I exaggerating? Well, you can either trust me on this or find out yourself. I’ll prefer you do the latter.

The only downside was their drink section. It was deserted and by deserted, I mean it only had soft drinks. No margaritas, shakes, mojitos, or anything close to that. I hope they are considering building up on their drink section. It might encourage people a little more to visit them.
I went there in a group of 5 and we spent good hours there, constantly laughing and cherishing the delicious meals and I had a really good experience there. Come here for good beef burgers and a good time!

Muhammad Junaid Baig
I write about food here

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