The Real Valentine

The Real Valentine
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we see that love is in the air. Be it the billboards, the advertisement on television or the abundant availability of roses. But one other thing that we see and that we can not ignore are the hilarious memes. The ultimate and underrated skill and creativity of Pakistanis to make memes out of absolutely anything and everything!

One of our favourites was the handpicking done by 7Up, Pakistani foodies started sharing pictures with 7Up and their one true love, food!

And, trust us  nothing could be more relatable. Food and Pakistanis go a long way and no foodie dream is complete without 7Up!

7Up not only handpicked but replied to those pictures in the quirkiest way possible. That got us laughing out loud. Glad to see that brands are pulling up their socks and lifting the bar of marketing. They are not just interacting one on one with the consumer but also, very successfully spreading the love of food!

7Up is motivating content generators to make comical content and show their love of food for which they’re giving out food vouchers and a smartphone to the best content creator!

So stop scrolling and get that creativity buzzing!





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