No One Does Fashion And Beauty Like Adnan Zafar AKA Ken_doll_dubaiii

No One Does Fashion And Beauty Like Adnan Zafar AKA Ken_doll_dubaiii

Adnan Zafar AKA Ken_doll_dubaiii is one of the top Pakistani public figure in Dubai, weither it’s life style, luxury dinning , fashion, or beauty Adnan is always on the top of all PR lists, Ken_doll_dubaiii was recently invited on the official launch of the world famous wax Museum and Madame Tussauds and the public was stunned with his perfect Pakistani features, where people couldn’t differentiate his looks as waxed mannequin or real human.  

On his recent posts on Instagram and tiktok where public was simply blown away with his pictures with wax figures of Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Kylie Jenner, Tom cruise many more.

We asked Adnan Zafar, how he keeps up with his looks to a level that his looks are so unrealistically beautiful, Healthy diet, daily gym and big thanks to those clinics like Obagi Medical Spa, Borna Laser Center and Proderma Aesthetics these clinics have taken full responsibility of my beauty in their hands, they keep very close check on me if I need any touch ups or any area to improve at the same time they make sure I don’t overdo it.

Adnan Zafar have been face of many multinational beauty brands and have been making Pakistan proud of his hard work and next level content, my confidence was boosted to sky when I was called by the BBC London radio to give interview about the beauty surviving during the pandemic, where I was the only Pakistani among mega famous influencers: said the Ken_doll_dubaiii
Well sky is the limit, Its sad that somehow the talent is not really recognized in our own country yet in other countries we are given so much of respect,

The message to new generation who wants to be in the social media, keep it real never be afraid to show your creativity