Hair Oils 101: All You Need to Know

Hair Oils 101: All You Need to Know

Keeping up with today’s hair styling era often leaves hair damaged, frizzy and undernourished. With a new hair care product becoming the latest ‘must have’ an age old holy grail for the ultimate haircare remains the same - Hair Oils. The age-old routine of oiling hair using different types of essential oils is the best thing one can do for well-nourished, strong and shiny hair.

 Every now and then, the Internet is hit with yet another viral oil that everyone recommends such as the popular TikTok  rosemary oil. Some may think hair oils are just another fad - however, the truth is that the benefits and significance of hair oils run much deeper than the current trends.


In today’s world, our hair faces a multitude of challenges, including exposure to pollution, an increasing use of heat styling tools and various chemical treatments. Hair oils present an effective solution to counter these adversities and rejuvenate your hair, bringing back its natural shine and strength.


Hair frizz can be a persistent issue for many, but certain hair oils are particularly effective in taming unruly locks. Vitamin E herbal oil acts as a natural conditioner, smoothing down frizz and leaving hair sleek and manageable. A few drops of vitamin E oil go a long way toward taming frizzy hair. Additionally, almond herbal hair oil and olive oil are excellent options to combat frizz, as they provide deep hydration and add a natural shine to your locks. Almond oil and coconut oil are also great for maintaining shine in the hair.

A specially infused strong and shiny herbal hair oil with argan, coconut, castor and almond oil is formulated to prevent breakage and increase shine in the hair.


Mustard oil is an effective natural conditioner. It can help moisturize and soften your hair, making it more manageable. Another popular hair oil famed for its capacity to deeply infiltrate the hair shaft, seal in moisture, and shield against styling-induced harm is coconut oil. It stands as a versatile option for all hair types. To avoid the risk of clogging pores in the scalp, it's advisable to refrain from applying it directly to the scalp or near the hairline


People from the subcontinent have been using castor herbal oil, coconut oil and amla hair for overall hair growth and to strengthen the dry brittle ends to prevent breakage and split ends. A healthy hair growth herbal oil iinfused with all the right herbal ingredients, packed with vitamins and minerals is bound to increase hair growth and prevent damage to the hair that is usually caused by styling the hair.

Renowned for its hair-boosting prowess, rosemary oil proves an outstanding selection for individuals seeking to encourage hair growth. By enhancing blood circulation and activating hair follicles, rosemary oil demonstrates its worth. The added benefit of rosemary oil is its sweet smell. If you’re one of those who does not like adding hair oils to your hair care routine, rosemary oil is one that you can incorporate.


Using hair oils effectively involves finding the right oil for your hair type and experimenting with different methods. Hair oils can be used on the hair before washing and involve massaging oil into dry hair 30 minutes to an hour before a wash, focusing on the ends. There are some hair oils that can be applied after washing to lock in moisture and retain shine.

Other popular hair oil-application techniques include hot oil treatments and overnight treatments. Hot oil treatments help penetrate the hair oils into the roots and scalp before rinsing.

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