Have You Taken Sensodyne's Sensitivity Test Yet?

Have You Taken Sensodyne's Sensitivity Test Yet?
Casually strolling down Atrium Mall on a Saturday evening in an attempt to find a pair of coloured pants, I came across a Sensodyne kiosk. From what I could see at a distance, there was an activity going on with a bunch of people hovering around a booth and a few ladies dressed in a black uniform giving instructions to those around them. Being curious by nature, I made my way towards the crowd and found out that the Sensodyne team was conducting a sensitivity test and yes it was for free.

Sounds unusual at a mall? I thought so too. Initially I was reluctant to take this sensitivity test knowing that my teeth were strong enough, but when the representative of the Sensodyne team approached me, I was convinced that this was a must-try! It was a short but sweet (pun intended) test where she asked me to take a bite of an ice-cream after which I had to tell her how I felt.

Usually, we overlook such issues- sensitivity of teeth or a sharp pain that shoots up as you sip on something ice-cold or bite into it. I felt exactly that. I felt a different kind of sensation in my teeth, and when I described the feeling to the rep, she explained, that I had sensitive teeth. She was also quick to give me a solution for this - she suggested the Sensodyne rapid action toothpaste and explained its benefits to me. After which she asked me to check into my Facebook account for a free sample! Yes, I did it!

Sensodyne offers a wide range of solution along with sensitivity. The additional propositions include sensitivity relief, fresh breath, enamel protection, repair of enamel layer, mint flavor and daily protection. It is actually a daily useable toothpaste which makes life much simpler.

Have you taken the sensitivity test yet?