From Fragrance Mogul to Screen Sensation: The Versatile Journey of Mahsam Raza

From Fragrance Mogul to Screen Sensation: The Versatile Journey of Mahsam Raza

Mahsam Raza, is a name synonymous with versatility and innovation. He has navigated a remarkable journey that spans across diverse fields and talents by carving a path of entrepreneurship that is both distinctive and inspiring. Mahsam Raza is the CEO and Owner of DUA Fragrances, a renowned independent international brand of perfumery. 

Beyond his uber-successful venture into the fragrance industry, Mahsam Raza has delved into acting, where he has also recently earned recognition for his outstanding performance in the popular comedy-horror web series, ‘Bhai Bhootiya.’ The coveted award has been in acknowledgment of his talent and Raza was honoured with the "Best Comedy Drama OTT/WEB Series" award at IPPA 2023. 


The Journey to Fragrance Entrepreneurship with DUA Fragrances

Before making his mark in the fragrance industry, Mahsam Raza embarked on a completely diverse career path. He worked as a subcontractor for prestigious organizations like the United Nations and the United States Departments of State and Defense. 

Despite these high-profile roles, Raza's true passion was a different calling altogether, he stumbled across the world of fragrances during a visit to Nice, France. Right out of an experience from a movie, a curious encounter with a shopkeeper led to a life-changing moment for Raza. The shopkeeper who was highly intrigued by his fragrance introduced him to an underground fragrance laboratory in the store. It was here that Raza's fascination with perfumery took root. Experimenting with a petri dish, pens, and diluted oils, he found himself captivated by the world of scents.  

Raza’s newfound passion made him experiment with fragrances and he then slowly started crafting his own signature scents. Thus, DUA Fragrances started off with a bang and went on to become a globally renowned brand that offers unique and long-lasting perfumes. 

Mahsam Raza’s Debut in Showbiz with ‘Bhai Bhootiya’

After conquering the fragrance industry, Mahsam Raza has found his new love, the love for acting and performing. His debut performance as the ‘bhoot’ (ghost) in Bhai Bhootiya has been a treat to watch. 


The ground-breaking Pakistani horror-comedy drama, ‘Bhai Bhootiya’ is a one-of-a-kind series, from production house, Glamora Entertainment. This series, skillfully directed by M Shahzad Malik, stars Mahsam Raza, along with renowned actors Naveed Raza and Aadi, and the captivating synergy of the trio on-screen is not to be missed. Mahsam can also be seen working alongside the comic icons of Pakistani television; including Nabeel Zafar and Hina Dilpazir. 

Notably, Mahsam Raza assumes the role of the ghost, injecting a fascinating twist into the narrative. ‘Bhai Bhootiya’ offers a unique viewing experience by seamlessly fusing horror and comedy, complemented by cutting-edge VFX. With its exceptional storytelling and top-tier production values, this project, fueled by The Dua Group, is poised to redefine Pakistani entertainment, delivering spine-tingling adventures, laughter, and unforgettable moments. 

An Award-Winning Performance 

Mahsam Raza's exceptional talent and performance in the series has received recognition and praised from the entertainment industry. Raza’s role as the ghost in the horror-comedy drama earned him an award for the ‘Best Comedy Drama OTT/Web Series’ at IPPA 2023. His remarkable achievement in Bhai Bhootiya has not only enriched the series but also added a prestigious feather to his cap.