5 Easy Wedding Hairstyles

5 Easy Wedding Hairstyles

  1. With wedding season in full swing, we picked 5 of our favourite and easiest hair styles. From low buns, loose braids to a simple blowout, we have got you covered.

  • A simple yet elegant low bun- We spotted this hairdo on Minal Khan at her sister Aiman Khan's nikkah. She topped it off with a stunning white gajra. All you need is some bobby pins, a strong hair tie and hair spray!

  • Long smooth curls- Now this without a doubt is the easiest. All you require would be a curling wand. A simple blow dry or straightened hair is what you need to start off with, and then start curling your hair either from the root or midway through your hair. Repeat until completed and voila- there you have it! Finish this look with some hairspray so the curls can stay intact for a long period of time. 

  • Braids- One can never go wrong with braids. A simple Princess Jasmine hair style can be a very easy look to opt for! This doesn't require the braid to be perfect and can start from below the head rather than the top. The messier and looser the hair, the better. The look can be topped with flowers going around the braid- super pretty.


  • Statement Sleek Hair- Now this might need a little more effort and patience. A day old straightened hair would work just fine for this. Lots of hair gel and hair spray are the key to this look. Either you could leave you hair with a middle parting tucked behind your ear or back combing can be another option. Practice makes perfect.

  • Half up half down- This hairstyle can be done with both curly and straight hair. It requires a middle parting, then take a chunk of your hair from one side and twist it until you've reached halfway, repeat on the other side and clip the two ends together with fancy hair pains or tie it up into a mini bun.

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