Monsoon season is a blessing from God. During the hot scorching sun in summers, rain and pleasant weather work wonders but, in few cases, it is a curse. Every year at this time, we enjoy the monsoon season but in some parts of our country, our fellow citizens lose their lives due to the bad drainage system which causes floods and electrocution at some places too.

Monsoon is all about pleasant weather and rain falling from the sky every day. But instead of lighting up the mood of the citizens, the water starts damaging the roads due to poor drainage and leaves no room for vehicles to pass through.

On a lighter note, we can say that “jb barish hote hai to paani aata hai or jb zyda barish hote hai to zyda paani aata hai”.

On roads, we have large towers and when electrical wires on them starts to break and touch the water accumulated on the roads as there’s no place for it go, it gets charged and people die of electrocution.

Every year, a lot of sad videos circulates over the internet. This year we saw a heart-breaking video of a corpse floating in water and much more. While we are here enjoying ‘Pakoras’ in rain, water floods the houses and people feel miserable as they can’t do anything about this natural calamity.

More than half of our population lives pay-check to pay-check. As we’ve said it before that rainwater leaves no room for vehicles to pass, it makes it difficult for customers to go shopping at small businesses and labours have hard time finding work too. One breadwinner, a lot of dependants and no customers, makes it hard for families to survive and they live hand to mouth.

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