Noor Hassan Shares Some of His Fitness Secrets

Noor Hassan Shares Some of His Fitness Secrets
Noor Hassan, the charismatic star from Islamabad, is not just known for his excellent acting skills but also for his fit figure and chiseled body.

In the past, he has flaunted his spectacularly cut physique during appearances in popular TV serials such as Humsafar, Abroo and Muqaddas which undeniably mesmerised everyone.

Recently, Hassan talked to H! Pakistan, dishing on his workout routine and diet plans that contribute to his looks. Read below for some quick but effective tips!

  • Try to fit in a work out daily:

Noor’s gym routine begins with a quick 5 minute warm up followed by a 45 minute work out, 5 to 6 times a week. If he skips the gym then he continues to exercise at home (as he has a half built home gym) to make do for the lost session.

  • In your free time, squeeze in some stretches:

Whenever he has some extra time before shoots, he makes the most of it by stretching - a great way to end a work out session.

“These extra bits are difficult to incorporate in the schedule due to lack of time but I try whenever I can”, he said.

  • Go for a leaner look over a bulked up look:

Noor stresses on maintaining a leaner muscle look rather than a buff - body builder type of look, as the camera adds an additional 10 pounds to his image. His focus is always on being sculpted rather than bulky.

  • Look good but feel good too:

Hassan says,

“To be honest, more than looking a certain way it’s about how I feel. When I work out I feel good about myself, my life and everything around me. It’s more of a necessity than just about the looks.”

  • Maintain a healthy diet:

His eating habits can be a little difficult to manage given that Noor tries to squeeze in 4-6 meals in his work schedule. Trying to be as lean as possible means in taking less fats and carbs which requires a great amount of will power on its own.

“Protein is of utmost importance so I’ve gotten my protein calculated according to my BMI, my body type, my structure. My target is around 200 grams of protein so I try to have that during the day”, he says.

He begins his day with a nutribullet smoothie for breakfast, followed by two pieces of grilled chicken breast (homemade) for the other two meals. He snacks on some nuts during the day alongside 2-3 scoops of whey protein shake. He ends the day on a rather filling yet healthy note, by indulging in some plain, unsalted cottage cheese that keeps him full and satisfied through the night.

Stay tuned for a special feature on Noor Hassan in our July issue.

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