Summer Blush: Soft Pink Makeup Ideas You’re Going To Love

Summer Blush: Soft Pink Makeup Ideas You’re Going To Love
There’s something about the sun shining brightly that inspires everyone to try different makeup looks. Pink is one shade that is perfect for the summer and instantly makes you look fresh and youthful. Soft pink makeup has been a big trend for quite some time, and last year, many looks came that will certainly be carried over this year too. Try this list of makeup inspo while at home and master them all, so that when you step out next, you know which look to go for. 



Monochrome is the new black! Put a soft hue of pink on your lids, lips and on your cheeks for a perfect makeup look. Throw on some gloss on your lids and lips to give yourself that off the ramp look that everyone has been raving about. 

Ombré for the Win

You’ll love this look if you want to keep things simple but still want a hint of pink. Kylie Jenner got everyone talking about this trend of pink inner-corners: Give the rest of your face a natural look with brown shades and throw on some pink in the inner-corners of your eyes and if you want to experiment a bit more, a hint of pink on the upper lip that softly merges into nude lip shade will be perfect. 


This one is slightly more glamorous than the other ones and perfect for night as well. This one will give you a soft-smokey look as you can blend in the soft pink shade with a shade of brown. Make sure to put both the shades underneath your eyes as well to give you the ultra-glam look. Lips can be left simple with a nude shade with a dash of holographic pink in the middle of the bottom lip. 

Subtle and Soft

This is the most simple look that one can wear everyday as it allows you to have really soft pink shadows on the lids that almost gives off a look of natural eyelids. Sweep that same natural pink shade underneath your eyes as well to wake them up a little bit. Subtle glossy lips will compliment the eyeshadow.

Let us know which out of these looks is your favourite and which you’d love to try.

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