Inspiring and Fresh: Celebratory Wishes From Syra Shahroz

Inspiring and Fresh: Celebratory Wishes From Syra Shahroz
Amidst the buntings and confetti, the presents and festive good cheer, Syra Shahroz joined Hello! for their fun-filled Fifth Anniversary celebrations. We took some time out with this smiley, stunning actress, who has just been seen in her new movie Chalay Thay Saath to catch up on her upcoming projects and chat about her long-term relationship with Hello!

Your film Project Ghazi comes out later this year, what can people expect from the film?
As you know Project Ghazi is a superhero film thus action is must, you’ll see a lot of that. My co-stars are Humayun Saeed and Sheheryar Munawar and it is directed by Nadir Shah. You can expect a great storyline and hopefully remain glued to your seats.

How have you seen the television and film industry evolve over your career?
The television and film industry has evolved a great deal over my career. Back in the day, we only had a handful of actresses in the industry; only a certain kind of script and story that would float around, but would be executed differently. There’s just so much more variety now, whether it’s actors, stories or locations. People want to be bold and daring, they want to take risks and are willing to touch taboo subjects.

List your top five moments in the last five years?
My top five moments in the last five years would be my marriage to Shahroz, becoming a mother to baby Nooreh, signing Chalay Thay Saath as my debut film; being part of Pakistan’s first superhero film… the fifth is yet to happen!

Tell us about a memory from you and husband Shahroz Sabzwari’s shoot with us in 2016?
We ran out of creativity by the end of the shoot and somehow the hair flipping started and that’s when we got our cover shot!

Can you share a favourite aspect of H! Pakistan that you enjoy?
The annual Hot 100 is my favourite issue. Hello! acknowledges all those people who would otherwise go unnoticed.

How else should Hello! celebrate the Big Five?
After this party, Hello! should totally go on a cruise and take all their favourite stars and celebrities to celebrate with them.

What are five things Syra Shahroz is looking forward to in 2017?
I’m looking forward to seeing how my film Chalay Thay Saath will do. I’m looking forward to the release of Project Ghazi. I’m looking forward to a vacation with Shahroz and Nooreh which I will have to squeeze into his schedule. I’m looking forward to executing some charity based projects. And I’m looking forward to being a positive contribution to my industry.