Bringing Pilates to Karachi - 'Pilates Lab'

Bringing Pilates to Karachi - 'Pilates Lab'
Taking Hollywood and Bollywood by storm, Pilates has finally landed in one of the biggest cities in the world – Karachi. A working mother of two children, Sania Sheikh the brains (and brawns) behind The Pilates Lab first discovered Pilates a decade ago. “Struggling with chronic back issues and trying to find the perfect fitness routine lead me to Pilates.” Today she is the only balanced body certified instructor in Pakistan.

Sania with Mehwish Hayat

The allure of Pilates stems from the constant rise of women’s aspirations to be strong and healthy rather than just skinny. Health is the new wealth – and Pilates is a discipline which offers it in various ways. The growth of the media industry correlates with the throngs of celebrities who turn to Sania to look and feel their best. “My core has never felt so strong before. I love the way Pilates stretches and strengthens you – I’m in love”, says actress Syra Shahroz who has been a regular at The Pilates Lab.

Sania with Yasmin Karachiwala

Sania Sheikh’s certifications range far and wide from pilates, nutrition, boxing and more. Aside from being certified by Balanced Body, she has also trained with Yasmin Karachiwala who is credited with sculpting the bodies of some of Bollywoods biggest names like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and more.

Sania with Kareena Kapoor

Ecstatic Karachiites have since been trying to get a much coveted spot at The Pilates Lab. “We train clients on the Chair, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Motr, Bodhi, Barre and more”, according to Sania the Reformer Pilates classes are the most sought after and are therefore expanding with the opening of her new studio. Actress Mehwish Hayat who just had a blockbuster movie release also loves the reformer and says that she is elated that Sania Sheikh got reformers to Karachi. She swears by the difference she can see in her body after just a few sessions

Sania with Sana Javaid

In another first, The Pilates Lab recently released a fitness film on their social media handles which features another Pilates Lab client and actress Mawra Hocane. “Pilates is my happy hour” says Mawra. The video shows how women from all walks of life come together to honour their bodies by prioritizing their fitness. “My ideal client is any woman who wants to get fit. Pilates not only strengthens you, but it is the best way to get fit while minimizing injuries and rehabilitating your bodies underlying issues such as bad posture and alignment.”With glowing accolades, and high expectations, Sania is moving ahead at full speed. Her determination comes from her aim to spread awareness of pilates across the city of Karachi. Women who yearn for a comfortable environment and an immaculate fitness program can finally find salvation at The Pilates Lab.

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