When All Seemed Lost and Forsaken-Feeha Jamshed’s Inspiring Story of Hope and Healing

When All Seemed Lost and Forsaken-Feeha Jamshed’s Inspiring Story of Hope and Healing

She looked up in the sky, something stirred within her; a sense of hope, a little rustic, began to resurface. She felt a glimmer of possibility, a belief that maybe, just maybe, things could get better. And with that spark of hope, she set out to rebuild her life, one small step at a time, “I looked up in the sky and said: I’m supposed to fall right? Let’s see how far you’re going to make me fall. There will be one day I’ll have ground to fall on, that day, I’m going to stand on my feet and go up”, Feeha Jamshed quoted on a recent episode of Momina’s Mixed Plate.


Having lost her sister, suffering a disease, losing her brand and her marriage too at last, the one thing she did not and could not risk to lose was herself and her tawakkal. Feeha Jamshed candidly opened up, and spoke about the vulnerabilities of the struggles she endured in conversation with Momina Sibtain on Momina’s Mixed Plate.


“The pain could’ve started off as psychosomatic, it then turned into something physical-physical became me limping- limping became me falling-and I couldn’t walk”, Feeha went on to discuss her disease and how it got from bad to worse and only got worse there ahead. The disease was a trial itself but the underlying crucial challenge was failing to prioritize herself throughout, “I had me and I forgot me and everything came first, my doctor told me, where’s anything going to be if you’re not there?” Feeha stated.

Amidst the raging storm, there was a force that stood unyielding; the power of strength, the courage of resilience, that refused to be broken. Like a mighty oak tree that sways but does not fall, so too did her spirit endure. It was in the darkest of moments, when all seemed lost and forsaken, that her faith posed as a symbol of possibility, a reminder that even in the bleakest of moments, there is always a chance for something more.

“Always accept the struggles coming your way, a lot of people will say, this too shall pass, it does pass, but you should be honest in what you’re going through”, she stated.

The episode has an enlightening take away for the viewers of the show, Feeha’s story instills hope in how her struggles forced her to confront her limitations and find a new way forward.

“If you want to strike gold, you have to struggle, that struggle comes with a price and that price is rewarded, at the end of the day it’ll make you a very whole person”, she expressed, towards the end of the episode.This episode was seen to be the most powerful episode of Season 3 of Momina’s Mixed Plate in terms of the overwhelming love both the host and the guest received, a courageous conversation packed with an inspiring message indeed.

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