Hello! To 2021 Fashion – Love or Leave Behind?

Hello! To 2021 Fashion – Love or Leave Behind?

Hello Takes a Look at 2021 Fashion Trends - Should They Stay or Go?

New year – new trends, right? Wrong! Subsequent to the abrupt way in which fashion sales proved to fluctuate this year, target items and demand have  become easy for fashion consumers to identify – and yet difficult for designers. In 2020, we saw a  rise in streetwear trends popularised by social media apps, and a likeness for Business Casual looks that provided a lingering á la mode for professionalism (ironically against the backdrop of an extremely chaotic year…). Because forms of consumerism came to sharp halts, there are a number of fashion trends and items that are will seep into 2021 in high street stores. There are, however, some that definitely need to go. Let’s take a look!

1.     Coloured Leather


An exciting prospect, yes, but an impractical wear. Coloured/dyed leather became popularised at the beginning of 2020 on runways, and followed in high street stores with coloured leather jackets, even bright leather trousers. The leather pants trend has fought its way right through 2020, with top celebrities wearing the item: Mansha Pasha, Amna Ilyas and many more following – but only in the classic black leather, which we love. These trousers are typically sold with cotton insides, so the practicality remains. It is the coloured leather that perhaps isn’t the best for a year like 2021, we want to seize each day with cooler tones and comfortability. We might want to leave this one behind.  

2. Overcoats

Long, elegant overcoats are storming high street stores internationally, as winter months call for a Business Casual chic that signifies a clean-cut professionalism. All kinds – tweed, faux, wool and even tie-dye - are the craze of this season. London correspondents have seen stores raise the prices of these jackets to significantly high prices due to the level of demand. As they remain in availability and many cities in Pakistan drop to minus degrees, it might be a good idea to get your hands on one of these – we love this look!

3. Tangerine and Mustard

This year, tangerine and mustard was definitely claimed by Areeba Habib, who gave an endless stream of looks on her social media in these colours. She paired this colour with tonally corresponding hair-bows and classy flats; sometimes even a mini-clutch for outings during the holiday period. Mahira Khan also served stunning looks in this colour, which you can check out on her social media during December. This colour looks gorgeous on all skin tones and rings bells of positivity for 2021. The sun, your favourite fruit, Van Gogh and holidays; mustard and tangerine shades are something we are looking forward to seeing more of in 2021.

 4.     Oversized jumpers and hoodies


Popularised by social media and (truly) quarantine relaxations, oversized jumpers and hoodies were fundamental to streetwear looks around the globe. Ayeza Khan has coined this look, typically paired with dark faded flare jeans (seen on Celine runways at the start of 2020) and white trainers. These looks can even be complimented with disco collar shirts underneath, for an added polish – a 70s statement. With the correct balance, they can be worn layered underneath our other favoured item, the overcoat. The look can be particularly striking with a desert palette, suede, beiges and more.

5.   Pink Salwar Kameez 


Pink Salwar Kameez’s are just gorgeous for your 2021 wardrobe – Urwa Hocane has posed in this look paired with Mahogany sandals that gave us the ultimate at-home chic that might become familiar to us for a while longer. This look is particularly complimentary to those who have lighter brown hair tones, as it tends to bring out the potential of its tone. For those with darker hair tones, going for a brighter/darker pink is a fantastic idea – a contrast that will enhance a uniqueness to this look.


6.   Leave Zari Embroidery for Zardozi Embroidery

This is a major one for wedding season – which is currently in full swing. Heavy embroideries are no longer doing justice to the beauty of its wearers, instead, we recommend colourful and eye-catching embroidery that is a more ornate translation of Zari style embroidery. Zardozi is all about detail: weaving silks, satins, subtle gold threading; circled by threads and beads that provide a look of simple beauty. This doesn’t mean your ability to create a heavy, powerful look has dissipated! When mixed with other forms of embroidery like Gota Patti (Rajasthani style), you can create the ultimate wedding look!

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