How to Pin Roll Your Denims Like a Pro!

How to Pin Roll Your Denims Like a Pro!
After reading this article you will surely be able to pin roll your tapered jeans like a pro! It’s not as difficult as it looks, it is just about the technique, after which you can nail the look in no time.

But first...Why do you want to pin roll your jeans?

Obviously, you need to roll it for the look! The pin rolls on tapered jeans have been trending for some time now and it is no surprise if they are here to stay for it is surely an easy way to add a kick to the every-day denim. It is also a great and convenient way to keep the colour of the denim from bleeding onto your spanking new kicks!

What kinds of jeans are exactly precise?


There really isn’t any restriction of the kind of denim; it can be any of your old or new denims, whatever you please. But, it is mandatory that your denim is a tapered fit. If the jeans are a pencil fit the pin roll would just look like a thick piece of jeans over folded and would just spoil the form of your overall look. A baggy pant would make you fold it more times than required, while being roomier above the knees and would not be suitable for the desired look.

So, how to fold them right?


Step 1:

Start off by raising the edge of your jeans so that it rests right above your ankle, this is important as it makes it much easier to get a more firm grip on the pin roll which prevents it to loosen later.

Step 2:

Now pull the inside seam of your denims with your index finger, followed by folding it backwards.

Step 3:

While holding the fold at the back tightly, start folding it upwards with one finger underneath the jeans. Make sure to start the fold upwards from the inside seam and towards the full leg, make another fold after the first fold. If two folds aren’t enough make the third one. But be sure that if you need to make another fold after the third fold, then it is because the length of your jeans is way too long.

To give final touches you could add some wrinkles to your denim just above the fold. Also try to wear loafer socks or ankle socks to give it a sock-less look. But, PLEASE DONOT WEAR SOCKS THAT SHOW UNDER YOUR FOLD, IT LOOKS HIDEOUS!


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