‘Little Miss’ Goes Out of Hand

‘Little Miss’ Goes Out of Hand

Little Miss this … Little Miss that …

The trend of ‘Little Miss’ was storming the internet, and everyone was participating in it. It came and spread all over Instagram in no time and has over 2M followers. 

Everyone was making posts according to their liking, sharing on stories and privately sending to their friends to have a good laugh and to make the most out of this trend. 

Everyone participated in the trend irrespective of their personal choices or the industry they work in. 

Whether it’s related to academics: 

Or just a general simple thing that happens to us every day: 

It was all fun and games until Israel Defence Forces decided to use this trend and ruined this for everyone. 

Israel Forces are famous for sexualising their female workforce to gain followers and create a buzz all over internet – we have seen a few examples months ago on TikTok and on their official Instagram too. So, how could they leave this innocent and harmless trend? 

People were printing out T-shirts and making cups, but after looking at the IDF’s official Instagram account, they got sick to their core and this trend got ruined for everyone. 

Written by: Maryam Zuberi

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