Has Mann Mayal Totally Lost The Plot?

Has Mann Mayal Totally Lost The Plot?
The highlight of every Monday for an average Pakistani was  Mann Mayal. Hate to admit it but days were consumed discussing the twisted love story between a young boy Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) who decides the fate of a young girl  Mannu (Maya Ali) reason being that he was unable to muster the courage to ask for her hand, instead he took away her life (not literally). It was simple, relatable and able to keep the audience engrossed in its melodramatic plot of two protagonists torn apart by wealth, misunderstandings and the usual, unpredictable wheel of fortune. So, what went wrong?

One fine episode or like 3o later of a supposedly 24 episode serial..instead of the plot thickening it seems like the drama serial just lost the plot! From Mannu's divorce to her parents-in-law's death to her own husband's death to Jeena's (Ayesha Khan)?

It seems like the villains too have it easy and rather than being punished for their sins, they're just being written off. The obsessed, love-sick Jeena who would do anything to woo her beloved Salahuddin added a bit of suspense but in the latest episode it seems like she too has given up on life. So, really what is there to look forward to?

On another note, Salahuddin, also known as super man has a downfall and is seen struggling to stay alive while Mannu convinces herself that she is to blame. Her ignorance isn't appreciated here and her self pity is kind of far fetched. Though, the audience does empathise with her cursed luck, it is hard to believe that she is to blame for everything that goes wrong. Eventually, she is seen returning to her own home giving the audience a beacon of hope to cling onto but definitely there is not much left to look forward to.

Will Mannu pursue her dream of completing her education alongside her two young children while Salahuddin magically recovers? Will the two meet again? The suspense and drama that this show once was reputed for doesn't have much too much left to look forward to.

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