Working Within Comfort Level, Hamza Ali Abbasi Enjoys Working With Friends!

Working Within Comfort Level, Hamza Ali Abbasi Enjoys Working With Friends!
With a soaring following of  3.5 million fans on social media and indisputably being one of the leading actors in the Pakistan film industry today, Hamza Ali Abbasi says that the recipe to success is to work within your comfort zone.

In an exclusive chat with H! Pakistan, Hamza said that although he is undoubtedly adored by fans from across the country, his acting skills and overall screen presence that exudes confidence and charisma is because he shares screen space with friends.

“I enjoy working with my friends since I have the highest comfort level with them” said Hamza

We spoke to all his leading ladies from Saba Qamar, Aisha khan to Maya Ali who appreciate him as an actor, a colleague and most importantly as well as a friend. Saba Qamar and Maya Ali, both, termed him as their absolute favourite co star to work alongside.

Aisha Khan added,

"Hamza is the least moody and most down to earth person that I know. You will never see him in a bad mood. He is very strong headed - that said he is never rude or angry but brave and sensitive. He is a true gentleman." 

Hamza said besides working with friends, acting had always been a hobby that fortunately turned into full-time profession.

“I was fortunate enough to get good projects. God blessed me with love from the people of Pakistan and they liked what I had to offer in my projects” He said.

“I would still like to keep acting as a hobby so that I can still enjoy it” He added. 

Hamza became an unprecedented hit soon after this debut film Waar and Yeh Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. He gained tremendous recognition for his acting and his on screen persona mesmerised millions across the country with his TV serials such as Pyar e Afzal and the on going drama Mann Mayal which have helped him gain widespread fame and acknowledgement as a great actor resulting in the highest TRP ratings.