Check These Easy Dance Steps To Make Your Mehndi A Hit

Check These Easy Dance Steps To Make Your Mehndi A Hit
In every desi wedding, mehndi is the most entertaining part, where you get to dance your heart out and celebrate like you have no care in the world. What enhances the fun of your wedding and makes it memorable is the popular trend of choreographed dances. With that, you not only get to spend more time with your friends and family during practices to get a properly synced dance routine, your mehndi also becomes more exciting!

We discovered a group of enthusiastic Pakistani choreographers who regularly collaborate on several popular songs. This time, they decided to perform on the trending Telenor’s Wedding Song which is truly the ‘Shaadi Anthem of the Season’.

Check how the amazing choreography by these dancers on Telenor’s wedding song and take some inspiration to make your own mehndi sensational!

The talented choreographers/influencers in this video have infused desi bhangra steps with cool, contemporary dance moves to create easy steps that anyone can follow. Get your mehndi dance squad to learn these easy steps and practice them for a night full of entertainment. The cool dance steps by Anas Hussain in this video on the groovy verse and throughout the chorus of the party kar le more se zyada song are easy to recreate! He definitely makes the moves look easier.

You can simply follow Daniya Kanwal in the video too, to add a dramatic touch to your dance moves and make your mehndi dance performance iconic. Even if you are doing an exclusive all-girls performance on the song and want to practice easy dance steps that your entire girl gang can follow along easily, you can recreate the moves by Zahshanne and make the most of your practice.

The steps by Wafa Sohail are super simple to follow and the perfect choice for you if you want to give a bombastic performance without a lot of twists and twirls. The happening vibes with this song reach an all-time high with Taishi Anarchy’s hip-hop dance moves. His steps are energetic and can be used for a lively dance performance to make your mehndi a smash.

Incorporate these easy mehndi dance steps in your performances and let us know which ones gave you #MoreSeZyadaEntertainment!

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