Calm & Balm- The Home Of Handmade Cosmetics

Calm & Balm- The Home Of Handmade Cosmetics
Upon noticing the lack of bath and body related products such as essential oils, bath bombs, and handmade soaps here in Pakistan, Bakhtawar Rehman and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands and have established their company Calm & Balm catering to these niche products.

Starting off with a very limited product range, their very first product, which is also their best-seller now, is the ALL-IN-ONE Hair Oil that Bakhtawar herself formulated; it was tried and tested for years and had worked wonderfully on people.

Moving on to their next product, Shampoo Bars, Bahktawar shares a little bit about this product, ‘We had to educate people about Shampoo Bars due to their uniqueness. It has been a tough job on our end but we are daily working hard to do this. Our Shampoo Bars are free of plastic and toxic chemicals and come in an eco-friendly packaging. We avoid plastic and instead of that we have incorporated glass, aluminum and paper packaging solutions for our products. It has been a challenge for us as well because it is really hard to source these materials from Pakistan as a small-business owner’.

One Shampoo Bar is equal to two normal size liquid shampoo bottles. It lasts up to 65-80 washes depending on usage and hair length. They are travel friendly and require minimal storage and space.

The Shampoo Bars are available for every hair type and problems, for example cinnamon is for itchy scalp and has anti-hair fall properties; seaweed is to control frizz and helps with dryness; Jasmine is for greasy/oily scalp; charcoal helps reduce dandruff, for sensitive scalp and psoriasis; Lavender uplifts hair while providing  volume and healthier hair.

The Face Soaps were launched way later, and only included three variants. After an overwhelming response from their customers, Calm&Balm is planning to add more advanced formulated Face Soaps with more variants to choose from!

Something that one can really have a hard time searching for in Pakistan, are bath bombs. Luckily, Calm&Balm have a range of not only bath but also spa bombs!

It has therapeutic and aromatic properties and that is why we launched many flavors for our customers. Bath and spa bombs have therapeutic and aromatic properties. The different essential oils added in the bombs help in reducing stress, fatigue, tiredness, sore muscles, headaches and body pain. They also exfoliate dead skin from your body, skin, hands and feet leaving your skin fresh, clean and glowing.

The variants for bath bombs come in sandalwood rose, bergamot lemon, ylang ylang, eucalyptus spearmint, white gardenia while rose, coconut, lavender, peppermint, and green tea are available in spa bombs.

They have many more products coming up such as detox teas, candles and skincare products. Visit their website and grab your essentials today:


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