‘Darlings’, a dark comedy, and thriller, revolves around a girl (Badrunnisa) being a victim of domestic violence but can’t leave her husband (Hamza) because she loves him. Isn’t this a story of all the victims in our society? 

Without spoiling the movie for you, the only thing we loved about ‘Darlings’ is that her mother (Shamshunissa) is an independent, spirited woman, supported her daughter as much as she could and prioritised her daughter’s safety rather than her marriage. We all don’t want but need a mother like her who will always support us in every matter of our life without worrying about ‘talaq ka dhabba’. 

You poor naive girl, why do you think that a child will fix all the patriarchal problems in our society? A toxic man will stay toxic till the end. He’s not going to change after a baby. So, girls, don’t fool yourself that he loves you and will do anything for you. Just run away before your lovely husband tries to kill you after losing his temper and your child which you thought is coming into this world to change him. You can't just stay with someone because you love them, love just isn’t enough, you got to choose yourself. We understand the need to see if it’s a recurrent behaviour or not, but if this happens more than once … RUN, he isn’t worth it. 

For how long we will stay quiet? For how long we will hide all the violent marks on our faces and our fragile bodies? It’s time to step up just like Alia did after making a few mistakes in this movie and hats off to her. 

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