Beautiful bride Laraib always knew what she wanted for her big day and it was all planned out even before she was engaged, she says while laughing - it had to be red and the most important accessory for her attire was matha patti, 'I love dressing up. I’ve been doing makeup and creating

‘Love MNR designs for lehenga cholis so I went straight to him and I love how the whole look came together. I wanted to go full traditional on barat - also, because my mom loved red colour for shadi ka jora, so I had to go for red’

looks for a long time now so I knew what I wanted since day one. I knew I had to style everything around the matha patti - never used it in any of my looks because I wanted to save it for my wedding look. People usually style their jewellery after their dress, so I styled my outfit with the jewellery. (Laughs) The front sash was a total inspiration from Sabyasachi, I hadn't seen many brides do it here so I was like 'let's go for it.' Laraib's amazing makeup skills came in handy as she did her own makeup for Baraat which she says she loved the most from all her wedding looks. She advises all the brides-to-be to focus on pre-planning, go for makeup trials, try different jewellery pieces and take your MUA in confidence by telling them what you exactly want, jt all helps. Laraib also says to keep things easy for yourself, 'Don't go for heavy dupattas because that makes you so tired you can’t even enjoy your wedding. You think you’ll carry it, it's just one day but trust me, it takes so much out of you.'


Every wedding look of Wazhma’s is a beautiful combination of different cultures and traditions that she has either grown up with or been inspired by. ‘I have a knack for looking into different cultures and traditions and what their clothing means to them. I personally come from a very culturally diverse background - my mother is Pathan, my father is Punjabi and I was born and raised in Balochistan.’ For her Mayun, she opted for a Pathani look with embroidery pieces saved by her mother throughout the years - which was eventually hemled together by Kamiar Rokni. She reused her jewellery which she had been lying around after using it for a shoot once which made her already beautiful look a distinguished one. For her hair and makeup Wazhma already had an idea on what she wanted to go for. She loves experimenting with her looks and so does her MUA Sunil – he was the perfect person to go for. She advices future brides to be true to who you are. She says, ‘If you are a minimalist bride who doesn't have that many elements and knows what she wants it will be easy but, for a person like me who wants a lot of elements, it is going to be chaotic like I was just exhausted with the sheer amount of ideas in my head.’

‘My major advice to all brides is to dress the way you want to and enjoy all your events and be happy with what's happening because it is your day, don't be stressed or feel bad because of something just be happy because this is your day’


Saba says colour red was never her choice every time she imagined herself as a bride but she knew she wanted a traditional look and eventually was convinced to go for the classic red bridal look, 'once I decided to opt for red, I knew I wanted a specific shade of it and luckily it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. I planned the look well in advance with the help of my sister with accessories to match, which is certainly a key to achieving the look of your dreams. ' Saba says she wanted a makeup look that was dramatic yet subtle which was perfectly done by her MUA,' Yasmin did my makeup and I conveyed to her exactly what I wanted which she created beautifully that went well with my daytime event, which was an amalgamation of classic and royal.' She feels brides should remain calm and enjoy each and every moment without focusing on little things that may not work out on the given day

‘It's your day so you should enjoy it the most - don't fuss over little things and enjoy each and every moment of your big day. Stress free, happy bride is the prettiest one and it certainly shows on your face. So make sure to enjoy every moment’


Aisha Khan made a gorgeous bride as she went for a classic traditional look for her big day, 'I am inspired by cultures, traditions and wanted that to reflect in my look. I wanted to be a classic bride.' Aisha who's a working medical professional says she was a very calm bride during her wedding preparations and took inspiration from her sister Hermaine Khan's wedding and trusted her completely with all the arrangements and makeup looks, 'I was a very calm bride (that's what I like to think, but I am sure my sister will tell you a different story) and a jetlagged one.' The stunning bride says it's important to be and love yourself because happy brides are the prettiest, 'don't try to be what you are not, love who and what you are - don't over burnden your parents, be kind and respectful throughout the process. Be yourself and most importantly be happy. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.'

‘My experience hearing horror stories about brides not receiving their dresses before their big days was a wake up call and I went for the most professional designer Sabyasachi’

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