NESTLE #FIRST1000DAYS of Life: Here's To Happy and Healthy Babies and Moms!

NESTLE #FIRST1000DAYS of Life: Here's To Happy and Healthy Babies and Moms!
NESTLÉ has taken an interesting initiative that focuses on the First 1000 Days of a baby's life; from conception till the baby's second birthday, it aims to create awareness and educates mothers about the importance of the right kind of nutrition that a child needs during this period. The renowned company has become a platform for mothers to seek to for advice on not just health issues of a child but also for tips on how to deal with the various changes that one goes through this crucial time period.

Globally launched and lauded across the last three years, the First 1000 DAYS nutrition initiative is particularly significant in Pakistan where there is little formal/informal education and awareness on the early stages of a child’s life and on women’s health in general. The NSHSH platform endeavors to build more of such awareness and we can't help but highlight a platform that has changed our lives so drastically.

To summarise it the first 1000 days are further divided as:

  1. Pregnancy: Educating mothers about the importance of nutrition at the very beginning of a new life (conception), how their body and baby changes during pregnancy and how they may maintain a nutritionally balanced diet.

  2. Weaning/Common Problems: The process of introducing a childto semi–solid food at 6 months of age to complement his/her growing nutritional needs. NSHSH educates mothers from when to wean a baby along with the importance of weaning and the good choices of weaning foods.

  3. Toddler: Once the child enters the most exciting time of his/her life i.e. toddler stage, his/her nutritional needs also vary. Every part of his/her body is developing, including the motor, verbal and cognitive skills. NSHSH reflects on all the changes from toys to diapers and of course nutritional needs.

NESTLÉ this weekend took this opportunity to launch their first of a kind initiative by holding an on ground event in Lahore inviting a bevy of notables from the entertainment sphere of Pakistan and select media to witness a few on-ground speakers addressing the same issue followed by refreshments.