Samina Peerzada Unwinds With The Stars of Pakistan

Samina Peerzada Unwinds With The Stars of Pakistan

Log onto you-tube and watch all your favourite Pakistani celebrities tell all!

Samina Peerzada has joined the masses of you-tubers with her new online TV show. Aptly named,  Rewind with Samina Peerzada the show aims to do just that – rewind and delve into the lives of the featured guests allowing viewers tales from celebrities lives never heard before. “The show celebrates Pakistani talent, aiming to be fun and enlightening at the same time,” says Samina Peerzada.

"It is an in-depth study of the journey of the person’s life. There won’t be just actors, there will also be individuals from sports, politics, fashion, art. You will see a lot of different kind of people, people who made Pakistan what it is today.”

Kicking the series off was none other than actor and heartthrob, Ahsan Khan followed by Mahira Khan this week. Each week the next episode’s guest is revealed, creating a delicious sort of suspense on who else is set to appear on the show.

The show’s unique aspect stems from Samina herself and the directions she takes her guests towards in the course of each interview. “Each episode is as exciting as the last. You will hear about peoples’ journeys, the important things that shaped them as a person. What I’ve done is just explore. In the process, I myself discover so many new things about my peers which has made me become more fond of them. I have always loved and admired the work they do.” Judging from the first few episodes, Samina does just that, burrowing beyond her guests’ stardom and instead focusing on their personal and past lives and what makes them tick.

Instead of airing on television, all the episodes can be accessed online on the show’s You-tube channel. When asked about her choice of broadcasting medium, Samina was clear. “I’m the kind of person who likes to explore new mediums, and I personally enjoy watching videos on you-tube. This series aims to be fun and enlightening, at the same time.”

Watch new episodes every Friday at 9pm on  Rewind With Samina Peerzada's You-tube channel.