The ultimate guide to oily skin

The ultimate guide to oily skin
Is it me or can oily skin really be a hindrance? Not only does it make you look unappealing it makes you feel pretty disgusting too. To avoid comments like, ‘Saudi Arabia called they want their oil back’ or just generally have fresher looking skin here are a few ways to cope with oily skin.

The first myth all oily skin people need to get over is that, moisturizers will make your skin oilier. That’s not possible. If your skin is well moisturized it won’t produce more oil to keep your skin hydrated. Also, oily skin might look bad but it actually has a benefit like your skin won’t age before time.

Even though shiny and glowy skin is what everyone wants these days and oil can actually make you look shiny but all in the wrong places. To avoid an oily situation like this the best tip is too after finishing your full make up, take your face powder and tap on your entire face. It’ll help you makeup stay and won’t let the oils of your face seep through.

Oily skin is known for being acne prone and that’s the major issue every girl faces. The only way to avoid that is to keep your skin hydrated, keep yourself hydrated, keep your skin clean which means taking your makeup off at night and washing your face every day or twice, thrice a day and the most important tip I’ve learned so far is that do not touch your face.



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