There’s a new filmmaker in town and he seems to have all the creative juices as well as soul to make each project he touches flourish to its true potential. Wahab Shah, an esteemed director of choreography in the local industry, known for collaborating with global big wigs such as A.R. Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam to name a few, has ventured into combining his love for film-making along with dance in his latest documentary titled “Who I Am” or “Ki Jaana Main Kon” in collaboration with the British Council in their latest venture PK/UK Perspectives. 


The seven-minute creative film features children from the rural area of Thetar in Lahore in a dance school named ‘Harsukh’. It opens with a melodious dialogue about self-discovery. The children, dressed in pure white costumes, flock in unison towards a central figure which symbolizes Mother Nature in her most maternal form. With soothing music composed by Ali Hamza, the children begin to open themselves up and the viewer can see how with each move, their souls collectively surrender to the art form that is dance. 

In a world where expression is of the utmost importance, Wahab Shah’s “Who I Am” touches upon the creative importance and freedom that dance continues to bring to each member of its community. With outlets few and far between, it is heartening to see that in a quaint rural area tucked away in the Punjab province, there’s a dance haven known as Harsukh and Wahab Shah acts as a temporary mentor to facilitate the process of self-discovery through dance in its truest form. 

In short, “Who I Am” leaves us with a simple yet powerful message. Dance is accepting and loving. Like a mother who wants nothing more than to see her child flourish. Under the umbrella of “On The Hour: Dance Kahaniyaan” which features Wahab Shah’s “Who I Am” and UK-based dancer Bridget Fiske’s creative short “The Kids In The Lakes”, along with “Quoting Movements” which explores Wahab and Bridget’s entwined journey to one another’s city to witness the local dance scenes. It truly is a must-see for all dance enthusiasts as well as aspiring dancers.  

The documentary is currently being screened at various locations in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Events include screening on the 27th of August at The Colony in Lahore. The 30th of August at PNCA in Islamabad finished off with a screening at District 19 in Karachi on the 8th of September. Admissions for all events are free, so we highly recommend that you save the date for your respective location.  
On The Hour Dance Kahaniyaan is one not to be missed!!