Do you see an old or a young woman?

Do you see an old or a young woman?

Optical illusions go viral on the Internet every now and then, leaving people scratching their heads. But this image, I’m sure you must have gone through it during your university period. If not, we are at your service, explaining the image. 

But before reading our explanation, have a look at this picture. What do you see? Did you look into the eye of an old woman? Or did you see a young woman staring back into the distance?

According to a study published back in 2018 by two psychology professors, older people notice the old woman first, while younger people see the figure of a young girl.

That research involved 393 participants from the ages of 18 to 68. The participants were shown the 'My Wife or My Mother-in-Law' image for half a second and then were asked to tell the gender and age of the figure they spotted in the picture first.

Professor, who was part of the research, said, "What we found was that young people tended to see the young lady in the image, whereas with older people they tended to see the old lady."

Are you still looking for the other image?

Well, the older woman's nose is also the younger woman's chin. What appears to be the older woman's eye is also the younger woman's ear. While the older woman is hooded, the younger lady is wearing a fancy hat.

Let us know in the comments what did you see at the first glance.