Hello! Exclusive: Ahad Raza Mir Reveals His Future Plans, Love for Acting And Ideal Woman

Hello! Exclusive: Ahad Raza Mir Reveals His Future Plans, Love for Acting And Ideal Woman
This is the story that we really don’t want to ignore as Pakistan’s entertainment industry grows by leaps and bounds: An insider view into Karachi's latest creative class that has significantly channeled its ingenuity to Pakistan’s hubs of showbiz. We get up close and personal with Ahad Raza Mir whose talent has his name abuzz.

Ahad is veteran actor Asif Raza Mir’s son but that is not what Ahad relies on to become a successful actor or what he wants to be his claim to fame. Ahad went on to learn and study acting, drama and theatre in Canada, where he grew up. He returned to Pakistan to pursue it by working hard and proving himself worthy.

Q) Do you think your father being an actor contributed to your success?

People might argue that it’s made it easier for me. Honestly, however, it’s not fair to say that. I think if I really wanted to use my father’s position to become an actor, I would’ve easily started my career from one of his production companies. There are many others ways in which I could’ve taken advantage of his power in the industry but that’s not what I did. I love my work, I love acting, I love film and TV, my passion is there. I wanted people to recognise me for my own talent and take me seriously as an artist. I spent 2 years at a Performing Arts High School;  4 years doing my Bachelor’s Degree in Drama in Canada and worked there professionally for 2 years as an actor, director and writer. There was no connection to my father over there. When I came back to Pakistan, the first place I went to was MD Productions, where Momina Duraid took a chance with me. So, I believe I am responsible for my own success but I do give credit to my father for instilling ethics and values in me and for teaching me how to manage myself professionally. I am sorely dedicated to this industry and I feel that I need to carry on my family legacy and that is what I attempt to do with each project I take on.

Q) Dr Asfi has won a million hearts, how does it feel to be the man of every girl's dreams out there?

I think it’s fantastic that people connect to the character and to the story. The most important thing for me is that the public appreciates and enjoys the story and gets involved in it.  I’ve seen on social media how much people have really connected to it with every post, and review on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to see that kind of support and love. I am really happy to know that people have appreciated my work to this extent.

Q) What is one of your fondest memories from the sets of 'Yaqeen Ka Safar' with Sajal and Hira?

I have a lot of fond memories from the show. But actually, the whole experience of it was very special for me, especially when we shot in Kashmir. I got a chance to really connect with the entire team and we all felt a homely vibe from each other. My experience in Kashmir was definitely my favourite because since we were there in Ramadan, the entire team would wake up and have sehri together over endless conversations and laughter, looking over the most magical view outside.

Q) You were seen singing in 'Yaqeen Ka Safar', are you planning on pursuing it as a career anytime soon?

First and foremost, I am an actor and that is what I love doing. However, I believe that as an actor, I have to constantly update my repertoire and keep bettering myself by honing other skills I have. My goal is to learn something new every month so with that in mind, I’ve learned how to play instruments as well. A lot of my training is also in musical theatre so I don’t classify myself as a singer but if I have to sing, I am always open to that option. If something positive is offered to me to build my singing career, I would definitely consider taking it up.

Q) If you were offered to work for a Bollywood project, which actor or actress would you love to work with?

Even though, Lollywood and Bollywood both have great talented artists, the person who speaks out to me the most from India has to be Ranbir Kapoor. He chooses all his roles so carefully and everything he does is so different and that is the kind of stuff I’d like to do. Speaking from that perspective, he is someone I take inspiration from for my own work.  Even the romantic films he does are so different from one another and I really respect that. Out of the actresses, I would love to work with Madhuri Dixit because she is simply iconic.

Q) Share with us any of the obstacles you faced working in the Pakistani drama industry.

To be honest, I have faced a lot of obstacles in the industry. I feel like we just don’t take the Pakistani drama industry seriously, which is something I don’t understand considering we have immense talent and we can easily pave our own paths. We have to treat it the way we want to see it and that will only happen when we realise that it needs to change positively. The biggest challenge that I faced personally was being treated like the “new guy”. People in the industry often underestimate new talent, thinking that they may not have the required skills and that can be very disadvantageous for both parties involved. People should recognise and accept new people and contemporary actors should be more supportive of each other.

Q) Where does Ahad see himself in the next 10 years?

My goal when I entered the industry was to become an actor and I am blessed and grateful that in this short amount of time, particular in the last 8 months, I have established myself well. In 10 years, I would like to be a part of that generation that really takes the industry forward. There is so much growth that this industry needs and even though it is evident that it’s already happening and that too happening well, I really hope that I can be a part of the wave that takes this industry to new heights. Whether it’s through film, TV, post production, script, or story, I think I want to be part of everything, and that is what I feel my purpose here is. I often say this to my colleagues who are just acting, which is fair, but if we want to take this industry forward like never before, we must grow tremendously as artists, producers, directors, and writers.

Q) Is there anything about you which nobody knows out there?

Honestly, I am a very shy individual and I don’t think many people know that about me.

Q) What's your perception of your dream girl? We're sure all your female fans are dying to know!

For me, all girls are beautiful, and I mean that. But the most important aspect for me is the internal beauty- when someone speaks and the ideas that they have- those are the things that really attract me. Also, a really great trait that a girl or anyone can have, according to me, is when they can change my perspective about something, make me think differently, and challenge my way of thinking. That is something I consider to be a great quality. Oh and I love big eyes.

Q) Who is Ahad closer to, his mom or dad?

I am actually close to both of my parents. Sometimes, it may depend on the situation but my mother really is my best friend. I go shopping with her, I travel and party with her. She is probably my biggest fan and I treasure her the most because she has sacrificed a lot for me to be here. We’ve spent a lot of time apart from each other; sometimes she was in Pakistan while I was in Canada and vice versa so it was really difficult for both of us. I always appreciate that she has been tough enough to deal with that.  My father on the other hand, is my hero; I look up to him the most. I am aware that no one is perfect but when I look at my father, I do see the perfect man- I see someone who cares limitlessly for his family, his work and for the industry. Ultimately, my parents and my brother are everything to me.