Life Style Changes That Come with PCOS

Life Style Changes That Come with PCOS

Written By: Urooj Kodwavi 

September is the month of PCOS awareness, what PCOS stands for is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is a condition in which the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of male sex hormones that are usually present within women in small amounts. That are multiple small cysts which are fluid filled sacs that form in the ovaries — although, some women diagnosed with the disorder have no cysts, while some women without the disorder do develop cysts.

How do you treat PCOS is through medication and a change within your lifestyle. Unfortunately there is no exact cause as to why one has PCOS, but if it is within the family then there is a chance you might have it too. Majority of the women who have PCOS are resistant to insulin and are usually obese.

Lifestyle Changes and Weight-loss: 

The factor of if you want to get pregnant or not comes into play, because it will effect you if you have PCOS. Also the medication and everything else depends on what your age is and how severe the symptoms are. But here’s how your life will change; 

- You’ll have to lose weight 

- Eat regular meals and have a couple of small snacks 

- Use little salt as possible and limit the fat within your diet 

- Be physically active 

- Your medications may very and depend on a couple of factors 

You have to extremely careful of your diet, PCOS can be managed even though there is no cure. But with taking care of yourself you can manage, also just because it is mentioned within the article that the ones usually diagnosed are obese, that doesn’t mean a completely healthy person cannot get PCOS. Like mentioned within the article the cause of PCOS is unknown, so your weight isn’t completely a deciding factor. Multiple women who have PCOS don’t even know they have it, and sometimes some of them know there is something off within their bodies so they go to the doctor and get multiple ultrasounds to find out that they have PCOS. The thing about PCOS is that it can easily go unnoticed, which is pretty scary because it has so many health issues to it. When you have PCOS it means that you are more likely to get ovarian cancer and multiple other issues as well.