Haroon Sharif Jewellers Opens First Store in Lahore

Haroon Sharif Jewellers Opens First Store in Lahore
Haroon Sharif Jewellers recently opened doors to the public last week with the launch of their first flagship store in Emporium Mall, Lahore. The leading jewellery brand is now showcasing their one-off opulent pieces in a standalone boutique which boasts of class and elegance that is signature Haroon Sharif Jewellers.

A brand whose legacy precedes it features exquisite Italian designs that depict classic designs with signature elements related to style and elegance. The statement pieces include hanging earrings and heavy necklaces that are versatile and wearable - whether you are looking at an evening out or a grand occasion, there is surely something there for everyone.

The collection has been designed keeping in mind the tastes of modern women who want their jewellery to stand out, while retaining an aura of tradition and inheritance. Focusing on extreme craftsmanship of minimalistic designs while playing around with heavy chokers and pearls and other classic stones, Haroon Sharif Jewellers is sure to satisfy the requirements of women looking for something trendy yet timeless.

Haroon Sharif and Bilal Mukhtar At The Launch Of Haroon Sharif Jewellers

What is interesting to note here is that their jewellery pieces are not just limited to Eastern wear, rather they can be paired with Western wear too giving it a twist and of course, the best of both worlds.

Mian Muhammad Mansha, Haroon Sharif & Naz Mansha At The Launch Of Haroon Sharif Jewellers

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