15 Things To Do Before You Hit 30

15 Things To Do Before You Hit 30
Life as you know it passes by pretty fast when you hit your mid-20's! Feels like yesterday when one would take life slowly only to realize a lot is being missed out on. This guide is for our readers who will hit the big three-O; make sure you get out there and live life a little more than you usually do. 

  1. Travel to a new country every few months or at least twice a year! Explore the exotic and stunning nature side of this world rather than the concrete jungles that has taken over in every developing city.

  2. Try to tick off half of your bucket list goals.

  3. Invest in your mind, body and soul. If that requires a trainer for your yoga classes, do so. Hire a trainer to teach you proper exercise techniques. Take a run or fitness class every day with your best buds- that calls for more motivation. 

  4. Learn to cook. Sometime in the future this would come in handy; earn a few basic skills and perfect one great dish. 

  5. Do things by yourself. Go the movies alone or have dinner by yourself.

  6. Do more things that scare you. Face your worst fears be it spiders, heights or even asking for a raise!

  7. Do one good deed for someone almost everyday. This would be make you feel much better about yourself.

  8. Set yourself a reading goal. How many books you want to read by the time you turn 30?

  9. Stop holding grudges. A grudge only affects the person holding it.

  10. Go see your favourite performer live.

  11. Treat yourself to something really expensive- you deserve it.

  12. Run a marathon. Running is not only good for your body but is great for your mind as well.

  13. Live in a different city, at least one.

  14. Start seeing the good things in life rather than the bad.

  15. And lastly, throw a massive birthday celebration- that would be remembered for a lifetime.

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