By Far The Best-Dressed Talk Show Host In Pakistan: Momina Sibtain

By Far The Best-Dressed Talk Show Host In Pakistan: Momina Sibtain

“My fashion advice hands down has to be to follow your own style, make your own trends and wear what makes you feel good.” - Momina Sibtain

Host of Momina’s Mixed Plate, Momina Sibtain who is currently amidst her 3rd season of MMP powered by Insignia shoes, is no stranger to fashion. Already making her mark as one of the most stylish hosts in the business, her knack for putting together outfits has thus far gone unmatched. Unlike other talk show hosts, she never shies away from taking risks, and piecing together outfits in a way that is far different from others. From cocktail dresses to blazers to colorful trousers, she surely makes an impression where her dress sense leans more toward chic, playful and professional. Reflecting on her style over the years, we got a chance to speak to the fashionista herself, asking her how she prepared for every season and took some style notes along the way.


“What most people don’t know is that I primarily wear my own wardrobe with only four days to shoot. I pack all my clothing from Lahore and go to Karachi to shoot, keeping in mind which guests will be there, how the set will look, what the lighting will be like, and everything in between. I basically change between 24 outfits in just 4 days where I have to cover 24 episodes,” stated Sibtain when asked about her styling process while shooting each episode. 


Momina Sibtain’s style evolution over the years shows us that she also uses her clothing as a way of building her personal brand. Her wardrobe often reflects her personality and what she stands for. Through her dress sense, like an artist, she paints a self-portrait, guiding the viewer's perspective of who she is. 


This season Sibtain opted for brighter colors, bolder cuts, and outfits that certainly make a statement. Adding more allure through her clothing, she conveys her energetic persona through her boisterous dress sense. In her latest episodes, just to name a few of our favorites, we’ve seen her wear a white crop top paired with an oversized neon green blazer, high-waist trousers, a bold neon dress, acid-washed jeans, and eye-catching slip dresses that looked ever so chic. 


“I’ve never had a style inspiration per se. I wear what I like to wear and don’t follow trends and I don’t dwell on what’s in season either. If I like something and I’m feeling the vibe then I just go for it!” - Momina Sibtain 


When asked about her style process for each episode, Momina stated, “My thought process behind pairing items of clothing for MMP is to make sure that I’m being economical with my packing. I like to make sure that the pieces that I bring can be worn and maneuvered in different ways. Even though there are a lot of statement pieces, I also enjoy wearing some staples as well. I was generally drawn to a lot of colors when I was shopping for this wardrobe, particularly the color green. I’ve never shied away from wearing color because I’ve always enjoyed it. So I guess this is more of a celebration of that.” 

If you've been looking for some style inspiration lately, and want to boost your confidence through your dress sense, Momina’s Mixed Plate Season 3 is definitely the place where you could pick up some quick style notes from the fashionista herself. Season 3 is currently in full swing and each of her outfits has stood out in its own way. Since these episodes are powered by Insignia, we’re sure to see many more awesome looks paired with some outstanding shoes. Episodes of MMP, release every Thursday on Youtube at 8pm and we can’t wait to see what she wears next!

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