Travel | Welcome to paradise: Minimarg

Travel | Welcome to paradise: Minimarg

When I saw Minimarg valley for the first time, I gazed deeply into the most bewitching part of Gilgit Baltistan, it dawned at me as if it is the quintessence of heaven on earth. 

Certainly not an overstatement - one should visit and see for themselves. My journey started from Gilgit and few friends also joined me on this trip. It took 4 hours to reach ChillamChowki from Gilgit and the 5th hour we reached the top of Burzil pass which is located at elevation of 13,450ft and after crossing the Burzill pass it took one more hour to reach Minimerg Valley. 

Minimarg served as the perfect prelude to the spectacular lakes and roving green mountains of Domel Valley which is just on 1 hour drive from Minimerg. The valley has an extraordinary strategic significance because of its location.The village served as a historic commerce route connecting Gilgit and Srinagar. it offers an experience like no other, with views as far as the eye can see. Its tranquil mountains, sparkling streams, and serene meadows make it an excellent destination for those looking for peace. Due to Minimarg'sproximity near to LOC there are also few restrictions, a special permit issued by local government is required for anyone travelling to Minimerg, also visitors must have to follow SOPs. 

Our reservation was done already in Army's guest house so we took a short break in our room and decided do a short walk to adjacent towns. what we noticed the most is their houses which are built completely from wood. From their houses to shops everything was planned according to winter time when the whole region is covered with snow. During our walk we found a perfect spot with 360-degree view so we decided to stay there for some time and watch the sun setting behind the mountains, it was truly such a peaceful time can not be expressed in words. The next morning we left for Domel it was the most beautiful one-hour drive that took us to the most beautiful part of Pakistan. When we first saw glimpses of Domel valley, we were excited as if we found a treasure.

Domel Valley: where the mountains bathed in the glory of the rising sun receiving messages directly from the heavens, soothing air rejuvenating the entire soul and the beautiful snow swathed landscapes displaying God’s objets d’art, contribute making it the best natural attraction in Gilgit Baltistan. It is hard to believe that this place exists in Pakistan. The area is famous for its scenic and unspoiled natural beauty, with lush green hills and forests giving way to a breathtaking view of the river below. There are abundant examples of nature’s artistry all over this stunning valley. 

There are two lakes in Domel Valley 'Rainbow Lake' and ' Crystal Lake'. The Rainbow Lake is a unique natural wonder in the area and worth visiting if you ever pass through the valley.  The lake is beautiful with its sky-blue water and white ripples created by the breeze and some magnificent plants around it. The best time to visit this place would be during the summer when the water level goes up, and one can easily walk around. Another breathtaking place to visit is Crystal Lake. The lake is surrounded by hills and greenery, creating an air of splendour. It’s a perfect spot for picnics and meditation! Domel also offers an abundance of forests, rivers, and streams for fishing and other outdoor activities.  

The winter snow on the mountain slopes provides the water for these lakes. One cannot help but feel completely overwhelmed with serenity when visiting this incredible natural valley with jaw-dropping scenery. We spent a complete day in Domel and explored it the best way we can and then travelled back to Minimerg. This is one of the best trips i have ever had in my life. In short, this part of Gilgit Balistan is like literal personification of paradise. In addition to the stunning views, if one is in search of peace and tranquility, then it's worthwhile to visit this mesmerizing place and experience something breathtaking in the middle of nowhere.