Meet India’s Top Astorolger, the Entertainment World's Go-to Medium

I f you’re not already following the work of astrologer Sheetal Dewan Kapur then stop what you’re doing (once you’ve read this) and get on her Instagram immediately. She started learning the craft of astrology from a very young age and began her career as a medium and a psychic over two decades ago, since then, she has immersed herself in the world of healing, mysteries of the stars to uncover the magic of human personality. She spoke about everything from why she thinks all astrologers are gifted, which generation has the best intuition and her favourite Bollywood stars to do the reading on…

'I truly believe that the current generation is exceptionally blessed because their parents allow them to explore who they, what they want to be and allow them to explore the gift of intuition without prejudices and judgment'

Hi Sheetal! A pleasure to have you with us. First things first, how do one become an astrologer? 
Astrology is a science, it's a study that allows one to dive into the complexities of an individual's personality, mind, and their emotions. A reader forecasts by observing the planets, the zodiac, the fixed signs, and the dance they play with each other.

You mentioned in one of your previous interviews that you always felt gifted, you sensed you were different since you were a child. Do you only have to be gifted/intuitive to become an astrologer?

In my opinion, it is never an astrologer who chooses astrology, but it is astrology that chooses the astrologer. I think we are all gifted. We all have a sense embedded deep within. It's our connection with the Almighty. Out of all the mediums of divination astrology is a science that requires an analytical mind. The gift of intuition is given to everyone, but with a certain amount of belief, practice and fact checking the key to unlock certain mysteries of life; helps me to go beyond just the mathematics and logic of astrology to uncover the magic of the human personality. If you want to walk on this path science can only take you so far the internal intuition is what matters the most. Think of astrology as a code that has its own identity and its way of working. An astrologer is someone who can read and decode this code. Certain astrologers are not gifted, yet through hard work and dedication, they enhance their internal intuition to become greater astrologers.

You began your career as an astrologer almost 2 decades ago right? Has the field of astrology changed a lot since you started?

Astrology is a science that has lasted since 2 millennium BC. The essence of the science has remained the same, it is the interpretations that has changed through the passage of time, cultural evolutions and relevance. No longer is this science consulted only for marriages and fortunes but also looked at as a tool to explore the way we think, our spiritual beliefs, and our karmic patterns. Relationships and fortunes will always be the key topic of discussion. Yet the questions have changed allowing a forecaster such as me to look deeper into the ‘Why's’ that lead me to the ‘When’. For eg: When forecasters in the past read the presence of 'mangal/manglic' forces in one’s chart. It was not normally interpreted as most positive. Simply put: It is having a high sexual drive. In today's context this would simply mean multiple partners/opportunities rather than an interpretation of an unsuccessful partnership. More so today, as a society we are indulged to understand our inner journey, rather than to be stuck in the ritualistic mundane of life's fixed interests. We have to also acknowledge the West for playing their part in highlighting through science and proof of principle. Bits of the unexplainable mystical jigsaw puzzle that captured the true brilliance of esoteric subjects like astrology, astronomy, the vedas, the shastras, yoga among others.

‘In my little understanding relationships can be predicted not Love'

People are very into astrology and spirituality these days. How do you explain that? 

In this world of instant connectivity, availability and where at a click of a button fortunes rise and governments fall, we continue to find ourselves to be alone. Every generation lives in a complicated, ostentatious, presumptions, power-hungry frequency. Some tune themselves while some standoff tune. This is where astrology and spirituality come in. Astrology is a science that helps one see the future, but spirituality is an empathetic connection we have with the Cosmos. It teaches us that we at core, are simple and divine beings exploring a human experience, 'Human' being the operative word. It asks us to look within, to let go of old chapters that suit us no more, to be involved within our uniqueness to evolve externally. Today a host of people gravitate to an astrologer, to gain awareness of who they are and also gain an assurance that the path they choose will bring them success and the sanity they want.


Do you think younger generations are more intuitive than older generations? How different are Gen X, Millennials and now Gen Z from each other? 

Every generation, is blessed with intuition. Every generation uses it to explore their individuality and identity differently. I truly believe that the current generation is exceptionally blessed because their parents allow them to explore who they, what they want to be and allow them to explore the gift of intuition without prejudices and judgment. In my opinion Gen X, as a frequency were the generation that were told to follow orders and they were highy obedient. The frequency of the millennials moved from confusion to rebellion. They truly are the lost children wanting to find home. The Gen Z , are a class apart. They have dealt with so much generational trauma, that they as a frequency chooses to be exceptionally independent. For in their frequency of independence they find safety. They are the old souls that have arrived with this sophisticated confidence of saying ‘we just know.’ 

Are there questions you can’t answer? Like, you feel you’re spiritually not allowed to? 

Yes, they truly are. I've always been told that love is a feeling, it is not bound by karma. As Rumi says,'Why are you knocking at every door? Go knock at the door of your own heart.' Love is not a relationship, love is freedom. Thus in my little understanding relationships can be predicted not Love. Happiness is a state of mind. Birth and death is between you and your God. No human, astrologer, astronomer, psychic or cyanic has the right to interfere in this frequency. They are simply mediums interpreting your relationships and rockets of desire between you and the cosmos. 

'It is never an astrologer who chooses astrology, but it is astrology that chooses the astrologer. I think we are all gifted'

You’ve guided many celebrities with your gift, can you tell whose reading has been your favourite? And why? 

Two of my most favourite celebrities to do a session for is Terence Lewis and Sonakshi Sinha. Terence has a frequency of a revolutionary. Interestingly, irrespective of what fate knocked him with, his ability to rise and shine with humility is breathtaking. Whenever we've done a session I feel as if I'm reading a book which has a new chapter to explore. His ability to acknowledge the information and use it to transform himself is unique. I've always looked at Sonakshi, with pride. Her essence is of a rebel. An old soul with a new style and she's never afraid to speak her mind. Reading for her is a delight, as she absorbs her answers with balance and determination. She's a dreamer for sure with her feet still on the ground. This child's got loads of magic, some chaos, with a whole lot of poetry. To the world, she's a "Superstar" and he is known as the "God of Contemporary dance". Yet after knowing them intuitively and reading their charts. One sees an exceptionally instinctive frequency who is not apologetic about their identity or their intelligence.

The year 2023 is very interesting for us because it gives us the ability to dive deep within ourselves and align with our true form. One way or the other it will show us the truth of our environment and ask us what we want to do about it.

Here goes the sneak peek into the horoscope from the 22nd March 2023 to the end of the year


Welcome Aries to an April, You're surrounded by multiple people wanting to enforce their opinion on you where you choose to stand your ground and speak your truth personally Stability in regards to finances moves in your frequency from the 25th of April asking you to look at new avenues of income and secure the current avenue of income.

May brings in the frequency of hurry, worry and mental exhaustion take care of your health. The first Ten days of fone ask you to be patient, yet its gods bring in opportunities professionally that keep you entertained. June aligns your thoughts and opens your charts towards travel and new project. The frequency of June to the 16th of August pay attention to your finances as you need to juggle unwarranted expenditure. 24"of August centres you towards relationships bringing in stability and consistency.

September's frequency is all about relationships it asks you to move out of the negative and look at the positive by letting go of the past that serves no purpose to you. With the beginning of October moving into February next year this is the perfect time for you to plan your travels look at new adventures and allow opportunities to come away.


Welcome Taurus, April wants you to pay attention to your finances and create constructive structures to grow your business effectively. Interestingly the solar eclipse asks you to be adventures in your workspace. Take chances meet people and network as much as you can write-up till July 14th.

You'll explore a certain healthy competition in your workspace as May comes along. June welcomes you with surprises in your personal space. Please be vigilant in regards to any or all legal matters in regards to contracts and finances from July 7th till August 30th. September comes with unexpected travel, new adventures professionally. The movement of tober brings in a frequency that wants you to just breathe and take it easy. Be frivolous, have fun and let go of toxic relationships that serve no purpose to you.


Welcome Gemini to the next 3 months that ask you to pay attention to your professional integrity and ability to navigate people in your work space. New opportunities come to the forefront as you enter into July. It strengthens your beliefs, you're better equipped to deal with financial matters and property based.

You joyously enter into a period of fun, enjoyment and learning as August rolls in; wanting you to take stock of what you truly desire. September's frequency brings in the new skill sets professionally, on a personal front you're to deal with gossipy friends. The frequency of October that spirals into the end of the year urges you to re-look at your savings and structure them well, be conscious of giving out personal loans to people and for once be a little selfish.


Welcome moonchild as April brings in the frequency of the abundance, prosperity and social success on your doorstep. The energetic frequency of the eclipse even though mentally troubles you you have the capacity to override and overcome all. May rolling into July is a beautiful period of networking socially and professionally. If you're intending on starting a business or a new pet project this is the perfect period to do so.

August moving into October urges you to pay attention to your mental and emotional health, be kind to yourself dear one. Be cautious as you would meet people who want to bully you and destabilise you emotionally. This frequency asks you to take stock of your own sanity and make sure you honour your body and mind. October is a powerful period, where your communication and ability to navigate people and be financially successful comes to the surface.

With the beginning of October moving into February next year this is the perfect time for you to plan your travels look at new adventures and allow opportunities to come away


Welcome Leo to April which asks you to pay attention to what you truly want for yourself. This is the perfect time to let go of patterns that serve no purpose to you as you move into a frequency of professional clarity and emotional stability.

The 15th of May to the 5th of July makes you more chatty, gives you the opportunity to communicate with multiple people. Grow your skill sets, be alert and make sure you honour your goals.

The movement of August going into October brings forth fun, laughter and ease. Let the little thing in life inspire you. Family plays a strong role in helping you gain confidence and enjoy life as it is. As the end of the year rolls out, you let go of burdens that serve you no more. Financial sustenance and stability come to the surface. look at new adventures and allow opportunities to come away.


Dear Virgo it's time you stop paying attention to the tiny things that are inconsequential by nature and start focusing on the bigger things in life. The movement of April going into October urge you to pay attention to your health and your fitness regime.

The 2nd of May urges you to create constructive financial decisions it your workspace to be able to be more productive. Listen to your instinct and don't waste time procrastinating. June rolls out of frequency of travel, professional networking and gives you the opportunity of meeting new people romantically.

The frequency of July moving into your birthday month wants you to pay attention to your investments, your resources and your approach towards dealing with troublemakers. September comes with unexpected benefits and helps you develop new business ideas and goals. The end of the year leads you towards new productive projects and dealing with clients becomes easier. Listen to your instinct as you make the changes professionally this year to create the gains that you want.

With the beginning of October moving into February next year this is the perfect time for you to plan your travels look at new adventures and allow opportunities to come away.


Welcome Libra to April that rolls into June with the need for you to decide whether you're worthy of receiving abundance. Don’t cow down and let anyone take you for granted. May brings in opportunities to explore new friendships and create new memories while June asks you to not be frivolous with your finances.

July opens your frequency to explore what you truly desire in your personal space. Be happy, and make sure you honour your dreams and your ability to shine. The frequency of August that runs into October it yet again asks us to look deep within ourselves as we are about to close chapters and reeling oneself to a new world order professionally. The end of this year embarks you on a journey towards success, hope and joy.


Welcome Scorpio to the next three months of confusion, distorted communication and inconsequential conversations. You're not going to be motivated to do anything so just chill it and relax. Is overtaxing yourself is not going to work. As the middle of July walks in you enter into a frequency of clarity professionally and personally which will help you grow out of this ‘mundaneous.’ Be alert and cautious between the 14th of June to the 7th of July in regards to any document that you need to sign.

Family relationships become of key importance as we enter at the latter part of July going into September. This frequency urges you to connect with people that are close to you. This time is all about meeting people, increasing your network professionally and also laying down clear boundaries personally. October to the end of the year brings in opportunities for financial growth and success. Be bold in your choices and make sure that when facing crooked people, you stand your ground.


Welcome Sagittarius you're finally finding your feet and this April moving into May 10th is a frequency which urges you to pay attention to your inner journey. Your instinct sharpens and you grow spiritually. Singles looking to settle down this is a beautiful time for you to meet new people as needed unfolds its magic moving into July. August brings in a rebelliouness frequency till October end that urges you to stand your ground. You you will not be bullied by anybody.

As the past knocks on your doorstep you welcome September. Decide whether you're interested in dramatics once again. Remember child you've got dreams too and now’s not the time to pack them aside. The end of the year makes you stronger spiritually and gives you the skill set to create a better future.


Welcome Capricorn to the next two months that are exceptionally positive. Simply reconnect with old friends and acquaintances as you enter into this positive period. Don’t waste this time on pandering to another’s egos this May. As it gives you the ability to finish projects. June makes you curious as it, leads you towards projects that you've been waiting to do. Get on with it. The frequency of June moving into August brings in lot of support from family and friends. Be in Gratitude. September makes you powerful it gives you the opportunity to be resourceful in your professional space and disciplined in your heath goals.

The movement of September moving to the end of the year is where your ability to communicate wisely increases. Financial decisions will be made and you're the perfect person to make them. On the home front you're going to be unavailable so on some time off in November to spend some quality time with family and loved ones.


Welcome Aquarius to the next two months where you need to watch what you say out loud. Context, will be forgotten and words will be used against you be cautious and be careful. April moving into June makes you conscientious of your financials and you take a stronger role in understanding them.

Control is important to you but respect is an important. As you move into the frequencies of June entering into September don’t devalue yourself. Protect what is yours and learn to create a stronger relationship with money. Please understand your perspective towards your profession is brilliant, but you must take some time out post the 17th of July to September, harness your skillset and be attentive to your professional goals. The latter part of the year leads you towards greener pastures and the ability to climb every social, emotional and mental mountain.


Welcome Pisces to the next 4 months where you will question your ambition and your goals in regard to your profession. You may choose not to associate with dramatics and will put your foot down on matters that are close to your heart.

May asks you take care of your health. The frequency of June brings in a wave of positive changes in your personal space and relationships. Your ability to research and dive into new paths professionally will help you navigate through this year. July moving into October urges you to create clear boundaries personally and make sure you honour your dreams and your desires. By creating baby stepts and not getting distracted or overwhelmed.

24" October moving into November is a frequency where you must be cautious about your spending. Pisces your perspective on relationships will change. Protecting yourself from unwanted dramatics is key. Be clear about your expectations in relationship as you get into the end of the year.