Regenerate Textiles Is Your One-Stop Shop For Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Bags

Regenerate Textiles Is Your One-Stop Shop For Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Bags
We all know how important recycling is for the planet, it helps minimise waste and transforms old products into new almost like giving it a second life. There is a lot of waste produced in the market and many products with different types of textures, shapes, materials and colours get thrown away after a couple of uses.

Therefore, Ayesha Teli, an Indus Valley graduate and the founder of Regenerate Textile, is a budding entrepreneur who believes in recycling materials which she finds from the market, to produce great recycling products while also being environmentally friendly. She decided to take matters into her own hands and creates some fashionable handbags, from leftover materials in hopes to make the country eco-friendly and promote sustainability.

When asked Ayesha the reason behind her choosing to use recycled materials to produce bags she said, ‘We have a lot of waste in the country and we need to start finding ways to be more sustainable in how we use our scarce resources in this world. Also, customers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact they are having and are more conscious about the products and services they purchase, therefore using recycled material is commercially viable and environmentally friendly’.

Regenerate Textile produces canvas and hand-woven recycled bags, laptop covers, cushions and more. You can even customize the items to your need. How cool is that?

Taking small steps goes a long way towards looking after our Mother Earth. Ayesha aims to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come.

So, check out her work via her Instagram and Facebook pages. Support local and small businesses. 



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