Selena Gomez’ Hacker to be Imprisoned for 9 Years

Selena Gomez’ Hacker to be Imprisoned for 9 Years
Karma seems to be  favourable towards Selena Gomez lately as her alleged email hacker Susan Atrach, a 21-year-old college girl based in New Jersey faces eleven felony counts.

What may have come about as a mere prank is now evolved into an all-out legal saga! Our sympathies are with Selena and others whose privacy at any point has been threatened in the digital sphere.

As per the Los Angeles Police Department, if proven guilty, the girl will be sentenced to 9 years and eight months of imprisonment. She'll be arraigned on August 27 and the bail recommended by the prosecutor is $250,000.

Gomez’s Apple iCloud and Yahoo accounts among other online profiles were hacked multiple times from June 2015 to February 2016. Sources has it that Atrach got hold of Gomez’ stored media and shared it online, resetting the singer’s passwords.

The tenure makes sense as that is quite when Gomez’s Instagram account was shut down after several nude photos of her ex, Justin Bieber, were posted.