1)     Ambassador as a name is synonymous with amazing clothing suits as well as tailoring, what made you create this brand? 

Ans. This field has been our ancestral legacy. Ever since my childhood, I have seen my father and brothers work in this field, which inclined me towards this profession as well. This is why I have started this brand and we have been going strong for years.

2)     Tell us your story where did this brand start from and how did it get to Sartoria Di Ambassador ?

Ans. As I said, tailoring and fashion design has long been a part of our lineage. The very first foundation of our business was set by our grandfather in India under the name Barkat Ali Brothers. Afterward, my father migrated from India and established our brand “Ambassador” in 1971. I have carried this legacy forward, which has now led me to “Sartoria Di Ambassador”.

3)     You are known for dressing celebrities and powerbrokers which is the one experience you will never forget?

Ans. I have had a great experience working with professionals from various fields and I have always found every encounter extremely insightful. 

4)     What goes into making the perfect suit?

Ans. Well, I have mastered this skill under the guidance of my father and brother, so it is their same legacy that goes behind making every suit perfect. Also, honesty and innovation are key in turning anything into being perfect. 

5)     As the CEO of one of the finest bespoke Men’s wear houses, what do you think the future holds for this business?

Ans. God knows best about the future, but I intend to make our beloved Pakistan successful and proud in this business.

6)     Tell us something about your service, as we have always heard how you go out of the way for your clients ?

Ans. We use only the most premium, imported material and by the grace of Allah, many renowned celebrities, businessmen, and politicians are impressed with the quality of our work.

7)     We have recently seen Turkish superstars like Turgat wearing your clothes, are they difficult to work with ?

Ans. I have worked with various Turkish actors and they also made suits for them. They all appreciated our work immensely and it was a mutually wonderful experience. 

8)     What is the one thing that inspires you ?

Ans. My father and brothers have been my inspiration and I’ve always worked with their support and guidance.

9)     Do your own clothes get made by your design house and which colors are your personal choice for Men’s wear ?

Ans. No, not always. I dress myself in my own label and keep changing my wardrobe including different other designers in it as well. Regarding colors, I think, it depends on an individual’s personality, so I suggest colors for my clients according to that. 

10) Any message you wish to give out to entrepreneurs in our market ?

Ans. Stay honest and keep experimenting and innovating to be successful in your respective fields. Failure is just a step towards potential success so keep on working with passion and perseverance.

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