Bold, Bright and Bubbly Iqra Aziz Brings A Millennial Vibe To The Mini Screen

Bold, Bright and Bubbly Iqra Aziz Brings A Millennial Vibe To The Mini Screen
‘Life isn’t perfect but my hair is!’ Iqra Aziz’s Instagram posts have some fun captions and that’s the kind of energy we see her bringing to the sometimes stodgy Pakistani drama serial world. Despite the fact that several of her roles have been stereotypical, we find this young actress moving on to smarter scripts and coming into her own.

What brought you to the world of acting? How did you get your first entry into the drama circuit?
I started my career with Citrus PR, stepping into the ad world and appearing in advertisements. And then all of a sudden I got this big break with HUM TV. I have to say that HUM is more like a second home to me now for the past few years.

Tell us about your busy schedule! What time do you start your day and when do you finish and what happens in between?
Anyone who is familiar with this profession would agree that actors, and the crew, have a hectic routine. The day usually begins at 10 am and finishes at 10 pm or sometimes later in the night, depending on the shooting schedule. I usually workout in the morning, then have my breakfast on-the-go; at the shoot I get ready and rehearse for my scenes. Its always an exciting day because you never know what might come your way.

Who is your favourite co star and why?
All of the people I have worked with have been amazing and I am friends with them all. But If I have to pick one, it would be Shahzad Sheikh. Not only have people loved our chemistry but also I found a great friend in him. Hint – I can’t wait to work with him again, soon!

Tell us about your role in your current drama Ghairat?
Also give us the names of the dramas that you have loved working in. My favorites would be Deewana, Choti Si Zindagi and Ghairat. Ghairat addresses a very sensitive but important issue of our society, honour-killing. My role is of a woman who experiences this issue at home and is determined to fight it. That is what I love about this story – it provides women the empowerment they deserve to fight against these issues.

Do you aspire to work in cinema? Anything on the cards?
(Laughs) I would definitely love to work in cinema, it’s an entirely different experience that I would cherish. I believe we are emerging as a promising industry after movies like Khuda ke Liye, Na Maloom Afraad, Waar etc. There is nothing on the cards yet though.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the Pakistani film industry and why?
Shaan and Javed Sheikh would certainly be my inspirations. The quality of work they have gifted this nation with – it is unmatchable. I would love to
work with them one day.

How do you maintain your great figure? What is your workout/ eating routine like? Do you diet?
I believe in maintaining a balanced diet. Dieting is not needed if you exercise regularly and maintain a diet, which has healthy food too.

What is your favourite thing to do in your off time?
I like to explore new cafés in the town – I try that often since it is also a good opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

To you, family means…?
Support system. I believe whatever I have achieved today, is not just due to my hard work but also the love of my family that has constantly supported me throughout.

Television or film – are you a serial junkie or a serious cinephile? Name a few favourites?
I am in between both, there are some seasons like House of Cards, Friends and Outlander that are my favorite. On other hand movies like, Dangal, The Intern, the Godfather trilogy is an ultimate favourite too.

What are some of the milestones you hope to achieve during the rest of this year and the next?
I’d like to prioritise some good projects that challenge me and which are out of the box. I am also planning my yearly vacation to visit my sister, it is very important to take some time off so that one can kick back into the New Year with a calm mind.

Where do you see Iqra Aziz ten years from now?
A person who has made a tiny difference in the cinematic or entertainment history with the work she has done. And a person who has loved her family dearly all this time as well.

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