Why Amir Khan Called Off Divorce With Faryal Makhdoom

Why Amir Khan Called Off Divorce With Faryal Makhdoom

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have been making headlines with their chaotic relationship. However, after the back and forth, reports now confirm the couple have called off the divorce

The Pakistani-British boxer has finally revealed why he didn’t split from wife, despite months of public fights and family feuds.

Amir Khan finally told The Sun that he couldn’t go through with the divorce while Faryal is still pregnant.

“We didn’t go through with the divorce because it’s banned in Islam when a girl is pregnant,” the 31-year-old said.

He added, “I’ve learned my lesson. It was a wake-up call for us both and it will only make us stronger. I think we will be married forever.”

“Family-wise being in the jungle has made me realise how important they are to me. In a weird way being away from them has made me feel closer to them.”

“I definitely have more appreciation for my little girl and my wife Faryal, because I wasn’t around them. I was so far away. I missed them like crazy.”

The reconciled couple seem to be back and happier than ever!