March Monthly Horoscope 2023

March Monthly Horoscope 2023

By Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Welcome everyone to an action-packed month where planets are changing signs and creating new boundaries and prioritizing new ones. Welcome to a month where confusion exits and clarity enters for a lot of us. So gear up, and let's get started. 

Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19

Hello Aries, First and foremost, a very happy birthday to all of you. Welcome to a month of opportunities, communication, and changes. We have Saturn, Venus, Pluto, and Mars, all changing the way they look at you. The 3rd of this month is where the frequency begins. It urges you to not give the benefit of the doubt to people around you. You will visit your values at the start of this month. Do not get embroiled in anybody else's drama. Center yourself by listening to yourself. The 7th of March brings in a full moon, which asks you to pay attention to your physical and emotional health. Inculcating better sleep, hydration, and easy food is all going to help you manage your insecurities and fears.

The movement of Saturn in your 12th house asks you to explore your spiritual identity. You may ask yourself questions like, "Who am I?" and "Why am I going through this?". The trick is not to get lost in the question but to create an answer and move on. This is the best time to develop your intuition through simple steps of meditation. It is the most opportune time to develop your instinct regarding how to deal with people in your workspace. On the 17th of March, Venus brings forth financial benefits and secures the money you make by investing it wisely. 

Welcome professionals to a mid of the month, which helps you realize your potential professionally and create a new skill set that brings in opportunities for success. The 21st is all about you being free and letting go of anxiety and distortions that serve you no more. The 24th of the month allows Pluto to help you connect with new, stronger communities and influential circles. It opens up networks, my love. A lot is coming in the field of technology, communication, and governance. The frequency of Mars from the 26th of March urges you to pay attention to the homeland. Government and governance-based decisions will lead new powers to gain success as old regimes fade away. New alliances open up that would be beneficial in the long run. 

Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20

Welcome to a month, Taurus, which is all about you entering into new networks and new alliances. You are socially gaining prominence. From the 3rd of this month, Mercury ensures that you secure connections for yourself within the community. The ability for you to find constructive people to work with will increase while you align your finances and also look at the new markets that you need to pay attention to professionally. The 7th of this month wants you to look at your ability to be strategic and creative. Ask yourself, " What do you truly want to be entertained by?". Mercury will give you the ability to be entertained and pleasured by having interesting conversations with multiple people, And in some capacity, this pleasure and fun will sustain you and give you the ability to process the changes coming your way.

The movement of Saturn that enters into your frequency allows you to manifest all that you truly want and dream of the only thing that Saturn says is to make a plan and stick by it. You shall attract influential individuals, and you need to reconsider how you want to communicate with them and how you want to monetize the networks that are flowing around you. 

Venus enters your frequency on the 17th of the month and brings in an energetic wave of calmness. Serenity and ease in relationships are volatile and inconsistent. Insecurities walk out of the window, and a more secure base comes within you. The movement between the 18th and the 23rd of March is where the energies of the new moon, the sun, and Saturn play an important role. They want you to take time off to be able to gain strength and re-align your beliefs about what you truly want to do in your life. This reflection entails the way you communicate in your relationships with your children and mothers. It's also a frequency that asks you to be attentive to how you are spending your money, not where. A sharpened intuition will come naturally to you as you indulge in religious studies and prayer. Take this time to let go of emotional anxieties and dramatic conversations as you move to the end of this month and further plunge your birthday frequency. The movement of Pluto this month allows you to dive into your inner power and strengthens your individuality. Professionally, this is the perfect time to knock back down from what you want to do and gain success in new ventures. Lastly, the frequency of Mars changes the way you look at investing in property and increases your network. Brings you closer to your goals professionally and gives you the ability to climb every mountain.

Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21
Welcome to a month, Gemini, which urges you to pay attention to your ability to communicate in a professional space. The movement of Mercury firstly allows you to enter into new networks through family and friends, and monetize them. Explore your creativity professionally and pay attention to your investments financially. Individuals working in media, communication, and creative industries will do exponentially well. The full moon on the 7th that comes in Virgo will give you the ability to strengthen your ties with home and your mother. Home, family, security, and stability as a frequency are what will become most important. 

Saturn, which enters by the 13th of March, is only interested in you achieving your ambitions and your goals professionally. This movement is about, you putting up a plan and creating a structure in your professional space. The clearer the structure, the better the success, the foggy the structure is, the harder you'll need to work. For Taurus who are born after the 30th of May, Saturn ends one aspect of your work life and asks you to create a new one for yourself. Venus enters by bringing someone from the past back into your present. Be open to surprises and fun, but understand that this movement is temporary. The activation of Jupiter and Mercury and the new moon comes about from the 20th of March it allows you to Monetize your network and also build long-lasting relationships within your community and family. This frequency must not be ignored and strategic alliances will be formed professionally and personally. This is the perfect time to attract the right mentor to guide you toward your goals and ambitions. Listen to what the world tells you, as there is a lot to gain. Plutos' movement on the 26th makes you strengthen your beliefs about religion and realism. You'll question your values and your relationship with your father will change. The transition of Mars urges you to be proactive professionally and explore your hidden desires. It will help you mitigate issues swiftly and creates major closures in relationships that have been hanging on for too long.

Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22
Welcome moonchild to a month full of action adventure and chaos. On the 3rd of this month as Mercury moves, it asks you to explore new skills in your professional space. Learning something new, and expanding your knowledge will help you navigate through spontaneous decisions in the workplace. You are an attraction board that attracts people from all walks of life and different nationalities as well. Have fun with this. For writers who have been working on wanting to complete their creative projects, this is the perfect month for you to finish what you started. The full moon on the 7th asks you to take stock of your travel plans, more than making new ones you'll be changing the old. The devil will be in the details of the contracts you sign. Pay attention to them.  

Saturn's movement will want you to take stock of your skills educationally and professionally as you prepare to see the truth of people in your life. Its interest is that you create a structure and stick by it. Use the power of your mind to create a positive impact on your world. If, you're intending on relocating this is the best time to plan it, to put it into action. On the 17th as Venus moves into your frequency, it brings in a wave of new friendships and opportunities to explore your social network. Singles and romance are in the air, as you navigate areas of new connections. 

The movement of the new moon on the 20th and the 21st brings in also alignment with the son and Mercury. This frequency only looks at your career and asks you to make bold decisions regarding creating that financial abundance that you truly want for yourself. Pluto's movement urges you to release all relationship trauma that serves no purpose to you today. Scandals in your social networks come to the forefront, and indulging in conversations will complicate your friendships. The best way to mitigate this period is by being neutral and not reacting. Lastly, Mars's movement is a forward momentum towards physical well-being and a period of fantastic health. 

Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22

Welcome, Leos to a month full of excitement and sensitizing pleasure. The 3rd of March is when the energetic frequencies of this month begin for you. Your ability to research and dive into understanding documentation increases with the move of Mercury this month. This movement also allows you to go to the next step in your professional career and on a personal front you'll be surprised by your inner circle in a good way. The 7th brings the frequency of the full moon into action. Dear Leo, you need to pay attention to your finances, make some adjustments to save more, and plan to create multiple avenues of income yourself.

Saturn moves on the 8th of March and digs up everything that is sitting unresolved within your personal space. Imagine he'll perform a deep cleaning of your emotions and helps you navigate your traumas. Be kind to yourself. On the work front, this planet intends on making you successful by helping you to collaborate with multiple people. Venus moves in on the 17th bringing in the frequency of love and happiness in your home ground. Be happy dear Leo, as you share your ideas with the world around you. 

On The 20th a lot of focus is laid toward your 9Th house, Which asks you to pay attention to your spiritual beliefs and follow them. You'll also increase your knowledge and skills by inviting the right mentors into your personal space. Moon's movement brings in spontaneous travel plans and a host of new people. Enjoy this transition. 

Plutos back and forth movement in the house of relationships makes you stronger. You won't stand for narcissism and silly behavior anymore. Meaningful conversations dictate you and you'll stand your ground to what you believe in the most. Lastly, Mars kickstarts old projects that require you to create more structure and help you navigate through idiotic expectations and mundane beliefs. 

Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22

Hey Virgos, welcome to a month of opportunities and new beginnings. Mercury's movement on the 3rd of this month urges you to look at all legal and financial contracts. Pay attention to everything that you need to sign. On a personal front, you discover new aspects of your partner. Interesting conversations ignite intimate play and fun. The full Moon comes to light on the 7th which puts the spotlight back onto you. You'll ask yourself " What do you want?", "What do you want to achieve?" and " How do you want to do that?" Be clear about your expectations and don't procrastinate.

Saturn moves into your frequency of relationships. Singles this is the perfect time to get into a committed, stable, consistent, and fun-loving relationship. This frequency will not let you indulge in flavorous one-sided expectations. So if you're planning on a serious change in your last name Saturn will help you make it happen. Venus also moves on the 17th and brings in a new wave of people into your life. Spontaneous plans will come about and going with the flow will help you create long-lasting memories.

On the 20th of the Month, The 8 th house becomes important bringing in opportunities for financial growth, and new beginnings in the workspace. Traders, exporters, and individuals in the media and digital industries will do very well. Use the energies of the spirit to transform the way you look at your work. 

Plutos moves into your house of daily struggles on the 22nd, this movement is about you reassessing your work. You've been sitting on the sidelines for way too long, Pluto will now push you to be the Main act. Executing your ideas swiftly is The name of Pluto's new game for you. This is also why you be attentive to your health. Remedy your ways of consuming food and nurture yourself. Lastly, the Mars movement on the 26th makes you strengthen your ties with friends. New alliances will form and social appreciation comes your way. 

Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23

Hello Libra, welcome to a month of transitions and opportunities. So let's begin. The 5th is where the energy of this month begins for you, Mercuries movement into your 6th house entails new opportunities in the workspace. This is the perfect time to look at new jobs and new ventures in a professional space. Mercury will also heighten your communication and give you the opportunity and access to meet multiple people who will help you professionally to gain your goals. 

The full moon on the 7th shines a light on your inner power and your inner world. Take some time out to reassess your personal goals and just breathe. It's time to nourish your soul. Saturn's movement urges you to create a routine /or rhythm in your life for Saturn to help you achieve your professional goals. Take stock of your health, by creating a plan and following it. Venus enters your frequency on the 17th bringing in the beautiful phase of attracting like-minded people who will come from different cultures. Opportune opportunities come about naturally and spontaneously in the social space which will give you immense growth and success in your profession. 

On The 21st the energetic frequencies of the new moon, the sun, and Mercury collectively bring in new beginnings in your personal space and relationships. Singles are welcome to a frequency, where you attract love. This is the best time to develop that commitment. Couples this is the perfect time for you to reinvent the way you see your relationship and also bring in a sense of fun and opportunity to grow with each other. 

Pluto changes signs that bring in the frequency of starting a new business in the field of service. Take that leap of faith dear one, it's time for you to create something new and brilliant. Working with the youth of today is the best way for you to get your message put across. Lastly, the movement of Mars comes about to stir things up in your professional space. Transforming yourself as an army general and
creating constructive insights professionally will help you mitigate the opportunities of the last month beautifully.

Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24–November 21

Welcome scorpio to a new month that asks you to pay attention to yourself in the world and you are outer. The 3rd of March is where the frequencies of this month begin for you. With Mercury's movement, you're entering into a frequency of creativity. Individuals working in media, communication, and marketing, will do fairly well this month. Entrepreneurs were intending in launching a product or launching a service this is the perfect time for you to do so. 

The full moon that occurs in your 11th house on the 7th of this month urges you to pay attention to your friendships. Expect changes in your social space. The way you communicate, the way you indulge, and the way you over-share will change. You'll suddenly stand your ground and learn to say no to things that don't work for you anymore, gently. This is also a great time to explore new friendships and create a far larger tribe for yourself. The movement of Saturn in this 5th house asks parents to pay attention to their firstborns. Listen to them as they need your attention. For others Saturn will push you into educating yourself, to learn new skills that will further help you create financial games for yourself. Venus comes about on the 17th that spontaneously invites you to new social circles. 

Have fun sweets and let the dramas slide away. The New moon comes about on the 21st, along with Mercury, Son, and Jupiter. It gives you an immense opportunity to create some new healthy habits. Blessings come your way, rejoice in them. Pluto further pushes you to find your inner stability and your strength. Your home becomes important to you. Use this time, to heal your traumas and make peace with your family patterns. Lastly, Mars brings in the frequency of travel on the 26th and higher learning. Just use your wisdom wisely and learn to be true to yourself. 

Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21

Welcome, Sagittarius to a month full of closures and communication. A month that starts for you on the 3rd when Mercury plays an important role by ensuring that you spend adequate time at home, building your relationships, working from the home, and also reevaluating what is home to you. The full moon that falls on the 7th in your 10th house enables you to look at your social skills, the ability to mitigate egos becomes easy and you gain confidence in your professional stride. Saturn's movement into the 4th house entails a downsizing of sorts. He will want you to spend wisely and also cultivate clear boundaries with finances. Frivolous expenditure walks out the window as a new regime of structure and discipline walks in. As Venus walks in on the 17th, It brings in a new wave of goodwill and respect in the workplace. New alliances are formed as the old dissolve. 

The new moon comes about on the 21st collaborating with Sun and Mercury collectively bringing out opportunities to explore your creativity. New experiences and opportunities professionally come effortlessly. Don't waste time being the boring adult, bring out that inner child and make some magic.

Pluto's movement into Aquarius on the 24th distinctly will help you take control of your mind. Strengthening the way you think. Helping you gain more confidence. Lastly, Mars's movement on the 26th makes you ready to plan your finances. Align business, developing new products for different markets. It also puts you in a good mood. 

Capricornus (Goat): December 22–January 19
Welcome, Capricorn to a brand new month where Pluto intends on creating cosmic changes in your personal. The starting point of this frequency begins on the 3rd of this month with Mercury's movement. This frequency asks you to pay attention to your creative endeavors. It helps you to communicate, networking, and create access in professional spaces on a personal front you will feel that you're finally heard more. On the 7th of the month, the full moon brings in energetic frequencies of skill building. This is the perfect time to learn new skills professionally & socially. Writers from all fields, this is the perfect time for you to create the stories that you want and put them out there. Some of you will start attracting like-minded people who you will take spiritual holidays with. 

Saturn now moves to the 3rd house which helps you strengthen your beliefs and your thought about yourself. The interesting fact is that the answers that you seek are right within your mind. All you have to do is follow it. This is the perfect time for you to build up a solid social network and community that will help you mitigate tasks easily in your professional space. This Venus moves on the 17th bringing in a new wave of romance and beauty in your inner space. Lovers may come about, it's time to indulge a tad bit. Let down your hair dear one and enjoy the attention you gain.

The 21st brings in the new moon, and urges you to make decisions in regards to your home and properties. Your relationship with your mother may irritate you. Don't waste time creating solutions that none wants to adhere to. Instead, this is the perfect time to plan your business, look into buying new properties or consolidating assets, and create a structure to achieve your financial goals. Plutos' movement on the 24th ensures that you have the ability to create abundance. Lastly, Mars moves into your 7th house which creates a phenomenon of passion and consistency in your personal - intimate relationships. You're able to experience abundance, prosperity, and happiness in all your relationships.

Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18

Welcome Aquarius to March where on the 3rd Mercury and the sun will collaborate forces and help you create financial gains professionally for yourself. It's a brilliant time for you to start that business that you've been thinking about. Create a structure follow it to the T, and things will work out for you. Multiple incomes can be created, by paying attention to your skills. 

Interestingly the full moon on the 7th again pushes you into realigning your finances, it urges you to pay close attention to your investments, banks, and govenment institutions. 

This is also the perfect time for you to transform your body into the way you wanted to be. Use the energies of the full moon and the new moon to help you achieve your goals. 

Saturn's movement urges you Not to be reckless with your money. It also asks you not to trust everyone in regard to your finances. You must get a professional consultant on board that I'll help you mitigate your finances and also allow you to create a structured plan for the year ahead. The movement of Venus enters your 4th house, brings in beauty, prosperity and a sense of calmness into the home space. This is the perfect time to plan for a baby, the perfect time to brings in the frequency of love, laughter, and happiness in the home. 

The 21st opens up energetic frequencies of the new moon that helps you learn new skills and helps you develop your instinct beautifully. You may also say goodbye to relationships socially and walk away from dramatic conversations and gossipy situations. Pluto recommends that you take care of yourself emotionally and the rest is history. He intends to take you to the highest mountain of success and progress. Lastly Mars moves on the 26th makes you proactive and strengthens your relationship with your body and your health. 

Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20

Firstly Happy birthday dear Pisces and may you gain all that you want with the transitions of this Month. Mercury enters with a bung, wanting you to take responsibility in how you speak to your loved ones. It's not what you are saying but how you're saying ot, that causes the trouble. Your tone will be needed to be toned down. The 7th of the month is brings in the full moon's focus towards your relationships. You will be saying bye bye to a fair amount of people as new energies and turn into your personal space. Dont be harsh to yourself, you must be kind as you navigate a sea of people and their ego's.

Saturn will want you to let go of people, environments, and businesses that aren't working for you anymore. Its time to let go of the old so that the new can enter. Make way for new ideas, services and opportunities in the F.M.C.G. industries. 

 Venus enters your frequency on the 17th of March and brings in new connections professionally & personally. This is the perfect time to listen to your intuition, to learn to be observant, play the poker face and create new goals professionally. The new moon on the 21st collaborating with Sun creates this lovey energy of financial gain and now beginings. However if you're signing any legal documents you need to pay close attention to the details of it. 

The 24th Pluto ensures that you blessings coming your way. Your instinct shines like a beacon, giving light on those who intend to change thier paths. Your link with spirituality as you explore new ways to create magic feel youself and others. Lastly Mars, collides in with a new wave of goodwill and romance. It asks you to explore new friendships and opportunities that come knocking on your door.

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