Edenrobe Rolls Out Lawn Collection and We Are In Love

Edenrobe Rolls Out Lawn Collection and We Are In Love
edenrobe just unveiled their latest summer/spring unstitched collection packed with beautiful colours and extravagant designs providing a diverse range of designs on high quality fabrics suited for any woman’s wardrobe.

The line offers a wide variety, from silk and chiffon dupattas to heavy embroidery to intricately-designed three-piece suits. The color palette involves bright hues, which complement the vibrance and festivity of the spring season. It focuses on selecting colors and styles that can make the collection extraordinary for younger girls to older women.


The shoot for the campaign was shot in Thailand covered various cities and was able to embody the freshness, colour and radiance the place has to offer. The collection as the place suggests offers an array of versatile designs displaying  a mix of island culture, deeper tones, floral patterns and tranquil hues. The clothes take inspiration from the landscape introducing a bright and deep colour palette with a wide range of prints. The video takes you through an island life - a get away, where one feels young, free and beautiful enjoying the blissful life that a tropical island such as Thailand has to offer.

Furthermore, edenrobe has always been a proponent of uniqueness and progressivism; providing something bigger, something better and something more meaningful. As a brand, it has broken through traditions and stereotypes and redefined the Pakistani woman as independent, strong, beautiful and comfortable in her own skin - therefore, the hashtag #IChooseMe. By putting oneself above others, one learns to first feel completely satisfied and happy internally before stepping out to the world. Keeping in with women empowerment movement, globally, edenrobe connects with the modern woman who is a warrior and puts her needs before others.

Watch the video for yourself,

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