Credits: Izma Azeem Chughtai

We all have been in places where we feel bloated and severely in discomfort due to it. Being bloated feels suffocating to the body, and on top makes your stomach pout out! If you get bloated a lot, don't worry, we got you. Here are some tips below that can help and eventually stop your body from bloating again and again.

1. Be selective of your carbs
Carbohydrates are dangerous territory, and you have to be cautious steering through them. They can retain water in your body, which can enable your belly to bloat. Furthermore, due to their quick digestion, you will likely feel hungry and soon and eat more. The key is to avoid foods like bagels, bread, cereal, fast food options, and try to opt for whole-grain versions instead. 

2. Don't eat a lot in one go!
When you eat a lot at once, it leads to gas build-up in your stomach and causes bloating. If you are a binge eater or love big meals then bloating is a cause of that. It is recommended to take smaller meals throughout the day and not fill up your belly to the extent you feel like exploding!

3. Skip all sodas and Coldrinks
Ah, nothing good like these gassy bubbly drinks. They are the best way to bloat your tummy instantly. Honestly, nothing is good about them in reality, cut down your intake of sodas and bubbly drinks and switch to healthier alternatives. You will be doing your body and mind a favour.

4. Sit up straight after eating
Body positions can affect digestion as well, which can cause bloating. For example, do you eat a meal and go directly to sleep? Bloating. Do you eat and lie down directly, or sit casually? It is possible for the gas build-up in your stomach is due to not sitting correctly. So, eat and sit up straight and let the tummy deflate. 

5. Always take walks and be physically active
Nothing like good digestion and no bloating if you take your daily walks and be active. Physical activity causes digestion and strays away from all leftover build-ups. In short, always take your daily walk.

6. Fiber is your go-to addition to diet
Fiber is your best friend if you are constipated, and the same can be said with bloating. However, even fibers have their restraints, as high fiber food like bran causes more gas production. The recommended fiber foods to relieve bloatation are fruits and vegetables each day, including apples, oranges, broccoli, berries, pears, peas, figs, carrots, and beans. 

7. Drink lots of water at room temperature
Everyone has to drink water, but why at room temperature? The answer is that it jump-starts digestion and makes it a smooth process. Room temperature water dissolves heavy foods in the body that would normally take a longer time to digest. Thus, whether you currently have a taste for room temperature water or not, it is time to develop it.