'WB by Hemani' Becomes the Most Cherished Organic Brand in Lahore too!

'WB by Hemani' Becomes the Most Cherished Organic Brand in Lahore too!
“We are bringing the purity and richness of 'daadi maa k totkay' back in trend as a lifestyle!” said Waseem Badami. In order to take care of your skin, hair, immune system and overall well-being inside out, you sure are well acquainted with the prestigious organic healthcare brand - Hemani Herbal, established since 1949 and its sub-brand led by nation’s favourite anchor, Waseem Badami by the name of WB by Hemani. The brand provides all-natural alternatives to an overall healthier lifestyle.

The brand’s tall elegant bottle of premium rose water encased in an exquisite wooden box was one of our best discoveries. Also, their Badami when asked about what his brand WB by Hemani has to offer us.

If you are even remotely health-conscious and often find yourself on a lookout for unadulterated natural products prettily named ‘Silver Needle Green Tea’ is awfully refreshing and aromatic to the point of addiction!

WB by Hemani presents natural alternatives for various aspects of life such as beauty, fitness, health, natural remedies and fragrances, eventually triggering a healthy change in customer's overall wellbeing.

In its first year after establishment, WB by Hemani managed to win the Best Emerging Brand of Pakistan 2018 award by government of Pakistan (FPCCI). In a span of 1 year, more than 20 outlets of WB by Hemani have been opened in Pakistan, with expansion to Gulf and Western countries as well.

The brand thanks the vibrant city of Lahore for embracing their offerings all too well, that were made available to them at  Emporium Mall and Fortress Square Mall, precisely why WB by Hemani's flagship store is now all set to open up at M.M. Alam Road, on the 8th of September. Waseem Badami himself would be gracing the opening ceremony with his presence.

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